Zoom H2n Handy Recorder User Manual

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H2n Handy Recorder Usage and safety precautions SAFETY PRECAUTIONS In this manual, symbols are used to highlight warnings and cautions that you must read to prevent accidents. The meanings of these symbols are as follows: Something that could cause serious Warning injury or death. Never open the case or attempt to modify the product. Summary of Contents of user manual for Zoom H2N. Page 1Operation manual ©ZOOM Corporation Reproduction or duplication of this manual without permission, in whole or in part, is prohibited.; Page 2: Usage and safety precautions H2n Handy Recorder Usage.

Thank you very much for purchasing a ZOOM Handy Recorder.
include the following.
The built in microphones are divided into mid-side (MS) mics on the rear side
and XY mics on the front side. This independent placement allows you to record
sound coming fromeverydirection. Thisunrestrictedrangemeansyou can
record diverse sound sources in all kinds of conditions.
• New microphone array allows control of stereo width
bidirectional side mic that covers both sides. By controlling the amount of side
mic signal, you can freely adjust the stereo width of recordings.
Using theXYmic,you can realizethree-dimensionalstereorecordingsthat
• Uninterrupted long recordings possible at high-quality
Recording is possible without interruption for very long times. You can even fi ll
• Runs for a long time on standard batteries
You can record for up to 20 hours (44.1kHz/16bit WAV format) with one set of
alkaline batteries. So, even in situations where you must rely on batteries, you
can keep recording without worrying about the time.
• Use as an SD card reader and computer audio interface
The built-in USB 2.0 high-speed port allows direct connection with a computer.
Use the recorder as an SD card reader with a computer to transfer recordings to
your computer for use in DAW software or to burn them to CDs. You can even
use the recorder as a computer audio interface at USB 1.0 speed.
Manual for zoom h2n handy recorder

Zoom H2n Handy Recorder

In addition to standard chromatic tuning, thetuneralso supports seven-string
guitar, five-stringbass andalternate tunings. The convenient metronome can
even provide a count in and the speed and pitch of playback can be adjusted,
Please read this manual carefully to fully understand the
you can maximize your use of its features. After reading the manual once,
Usage and safety precautions
Usage and safety precautions
are as follows:
Somethingthat couldcauseinjuryor
Other symbols
Prohibited actions
Operation using an AC adapter
adapter with this unit.
ratings of outlets and other electrical wiring
a foreigncountry orotherregion wherethe
on the AC adapter, always consult with a shop
use the appropriate AC adapter.
Read battery warning labels carefully.
when using the unit.
Never open the case or attempt to modify the
Do not drop, bump or apply excessive force to
Operating environment
heat sources.
splashing water.
Donotuse inplaceswith excessive dust or
AC adapter handling
outlet, alwayspullthebody of theadapter
Duringlightningstormsorwhennot using
plug from the AC outlet.
Use a specifi ed battery type. Do not mix new
atthesametime. When notusing the unit
batteries from the unit.
compartment and the battery terminals
Connecting cables with input and output
Always turn the power OFF for all equipment
Always disconnect all connection cables and
long time.
Interference with other electrical equip-
In consideration of safety, the
been designed tominimize the emission of
minimize external electromagnetic interference.
interference or that emits powerful electromagnetic
waves could result in interference if placednearby.
and the other
device thatuses digital control, including the
malfunction, corrupt or destroy data and result in
Use a soft cloth to clean the panels of the unit if
they become dirty. If necessary, use a damp cloth
immediately disconnect the AC adapter, turn the
the storewhereyouboughttheunitor ZOOM
address and telephone number.
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