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Viper 8000 Ac Machine User Manual



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  2. Setup: User Manual Javelin Viper 3 Chapter 2: SETUP 1.0 Work Area 1.1 Precautions 1. The Viper has been designed to operate in a wide range of working environments. Keep the following precautions in mind when choosing the best work area to set up your system. Allow sufficient space for routing AC and I/O cables.
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1. Upon completion of the RECOVERY phase it is possible to start the vacuum phase by

opening the high- and low-pressure valves, pressing the SEL key until the LED
corresponding to “EVACUATE” lights, and then pressing GO. The vacuum time can be
set as follows. Press SEL until the “EVACUATE” LED lights, then press ENTER; at this
point the first digit on the left of the displaywill begin to flash. Press the INCREASE key
until the desired digit appears. Likewise, press the ARROW and INCREASE keys to
change the other digits. When setting is complete, press the ENTER key to confirm the
vacuum time value.

2. During the vacuum phase, the display will clock its duration. Leave the machine

running until the displayreads 0000 and the pump stops automatically.

3. Close all the valves and read the vacuum value on pressure gauges (A1) and (A2).

Wait for about 2 minutes, and then check that the pressure has not increased during
the interval. An increase in pressure signals leaks in the A/C system. Locate and
eliminate the leaks; repeat the vacuum phase.

WARNING: Avoid breathing A/C refrigerant and lubricant vapor mist. Exposure may
irritate eyes, nose, and throat. To remove HFC-134a from the A/C system, use service
equipment certified to meet the requirements of SAE J2210 (HFC-134a recycling
equipment). Additional health and safety information may be obtained from additional
refrigerant and lubricant manufacturers.

You can inject virgin lubricating oil into the vehicle A/C system at this time. Make certain that
the Oil Charge Bottle has sufficient quantity of oil. Cautiously open the Oil Charge valve until
the same amount of oil that was recovered in the RECOVERY AND RECYCLING operation is
removed from the container and replaced back into the vehicle's A/C system. The oil will be
drawn into the vehicle A/C system by the deep vacuum that was obtained while evacuating.
The subsequent charging of refrigerant will ensure all of the oil will be charged from the lines
and hoses.


WARNING: Always wear safety goggles and hand protection when working with
refrigerants. Failure to follow these procedures may result in serious injury. Due to the
extreme cold temperatures associated with the use of refrigerants, any contact with the
eye can cause blindness and contact with the bare skin can cause burns or frostbite.
CAUTION: When charging a vehicle do not lean on the machine as this may affect the
scale readings. Inaccurate weight measurements may result. The vehicle system can
be damaged if weights are not measured accurately.
During this phase, the correct refrigerant charge is returned to the vehicle’s A/C system.

1. Press the SEL keyuntil the “RECHARGE” LED lights.
2. Proceed as described below to set the quantity of refrigerant fluid to be charged. Press

the ENTER key. The first digit on the left of the display will begin to flash. Press the
INCREASE keyuntil the desired value appears. (Digits read in pounds and ounces, or
kilograms.) Likewise, press the ARROW and INCREASE keys to change the values of
the other digits. Press ENTER when setting is completed to confirm the values. The
quantity of fluid required for filling the system is usually reported on a data plate in the
engine compartment of the vehicle. If the quantity is not known, consult the relevant
system operating and maintenance manuals.


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Viper 8000 Ac Machine Manual





1. Be sure that the shut off valves are off prior to attaching to a vehicle AC system.
2. Attach the machine to the high and low sides of the AC system to be serviced. The R-

134a hoses have SAE approved shut-off valves (quick disconnects). The hoses are
shut off when disconnected from the AC system and are open only when connected
with the knurled knobs turned clockwise. Slide the collar of the fitting back and press to
the appropriate fitting.

• Blue hose to the low side of AC system
• Red hose to the high side of AC system

3. Set MAIN POWER (k, Figure 3) ON.
4. Open the valves on the service hoses by turning the knurled knob clockwise (Figure

12). This will allow refrigerant to flow to the vehicle.

5. Observe the pressure readings on the low and high side manifold gauges. If the

readings are zero, then repair AC system leak or proceed to vacuum phase.

6. Open the High Side and Low Side valves on the control panel of the machine.
7. Press and hold the SEL key until the LED corresponding to “RECOVERY” lights; then

press GO. At this point the RECOVERY/RECYCLING phase will begin and the
“Recovery” LED will flash.

8. During the RECOVERY/RECYCLING phase the amount of refrigerant recovered from

the vehicle will be displayed. Upon completion of the recovery phase the machine will
stop and hold three minutes.

9. During this time the machine automatically discharges the used oil. It will be necessary

Viper Recovery Machine User Manual

to monitor this oil dumping to determine the amount of oil that must be added to the
vehicle. When the oil discharge is complete, measure, record and empty the oil
discharge bottle. This amount will be added to the AC system before charging. When
there is no increase in system pressure, the vacuum pump will start and evacuate the
input oil separator inside the VR-6000.

10. If, during this 3-minute time period, the residual refrigerant left in the A/C system

causes the pressure to increase, the machine will automatically resume recovering the
refrigerant. When this phase is complete the machine will sound and audible alarm,
and switch to the REFRIGERANT AVAILABLE display.

11. Close the High Side and Low Side panel valves.
12. Set the MAIN POWER switch OFF.
13. Disconnect the machine if desired. (See DISCONNECTING THE MACHINE FROM A


14. Make necessary repairs to the A/C system being serviced.


As non-condensable gases accumulate in the refrigerant storage tank, excessive pressure
is created. The most noticeable symptom of excess pressure is a slow down of refrigerant
flow during the recovery process. In most cases, you will not notice a reduction in refrigerant
recovery rate until the nominal pressure in the storage tank is 20 psig above the normal
pressure, as listed on the purge chart. Check for non-condensable gases after each
recovery phase
. The table provided below (Figure 13) is used to determine when an excess
of non-condensable gases has accumulated in the refrigerant storage tank.


Viper 8000 Ac Machine Manual


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