Users Manual Torrent Bonded Leather Managers Chair

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Jan 20, 2012  Upload to 2012/01/20. AMAZING New Tools and Inventions of 2019 That NO ONE has SEEN Before - Duration: 14:53. Stanley 'Dirt Monkey' Genadek Recommended for you. Get comfortable on the job with True Innovations Bonded Leather Managers Chairs. These executive office chairs are ergonomically designed, with a high back and contoured cushions fit your body for optimal support. The True Innovations manager chair features an effortless swivel mechanism along with customizable tilt angle and tension controls.

  1. Black Bonded Leather Chair
  2. Bonded Leather Dining Chair
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Black Bonded Leather Chair

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Chair Assembly Instructions
Carefully unpack all parts and identify them against the parts list before attempting to assemble.To avoid scratching the components,
Note:The casters sold with this chair are intended for use on carpet and not recommended for use on tile or hard wood floors. Using these
casters on tile or wood flooring may cause floor surface damage, so please consider purchasing a chairmat to protect your floor surfaces.
We are here to help if you have any questions, comments, or are in need of warranty replacement parts.
Or call us toll free at:1-855-372-2315
Instrucciones de ensamblaje
Desembale todas las partes con cuidado e identifíquelas usando la lista de partes antes de empezar el ensamblaje. Ponga la sillón sobre
una superficie protegida para evitar rayar los componentes al ensamblarlo.
Nota: Las ruedas que vienen con este sillón han sido diseñadas para pisos alfombrados. No es recomendable su uso en pisos de cerámica
o madera. Estas ruedas pueden causar daños en la superficie de los pisos de cerámica o madera, por lo que le sugerimos que coloque un
Estamos aquí para ayudarle con cualquier pregunta, comentario, o necesidad de partes de repuesto de garantía.

Bonded Leather Dining Chair

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Seat Cushion
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Black bonded leather chair
Gas Lift with Telescoping Cover
Seat Plate
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Back Cushion
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