Terumo Syringe Pump Te 332 User Manual

Posted : admin On 10/7/2021
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In order to minimize the risk of ADES, the TE-311 syringe pump is equipped with several safety features.

SYRINGE PumP TE-SS700/TE-SS800 SPEcIfIcatIoNS Product name TERUFUSION Syringe Pump Type SS model TE-SS700/TE-SS800 Syringe size 5mL, 10mL, 20mL, 30mL, 50/60mL Syringe brand TERUMO or other specified brands Dose mode (.: tE-SS800 only). mL/h mode. μg/kg/min mode (.) Drug Library (tE-SS800 only) 3,000 Drugs.

In order to minimize the risk of ADES, the TE-311 syringe pump is equipped with several safety features. The risk of reading mistakes or misprogramming of the flow rate will be reduced thanks to the large, orange coloured decimal point and the difference in size between the digits and the decimal places. The pump is also equipped with a unique user friendly and ergonomically designed dial to help eliminate mistakes whilst programming the settings. When the flow rate is set higher than 10 mL/h the pump will give a warning sound.
The syringe can no longer be wrongly placed thanks to the barrel detection function and the larger plunger clamps.
The pump meet the safety requirements of EN 60601-1, EN 60601-2, EN 60601-1-4 and EN 60601-2-24.
All our syringe pumps can be used with 10, 20, 30 and 50 ml syringes from Terumo and other specified brands. The correctness of our flow rate is within 1% for mechanical accuracy and within 3% for accuracy including the syringe.

  • 1.9kg (TE-332) Note: Specifications and design are subject to change for improvement without notice. Accessories (Common to TE-331 /TE-332) AC power cord / Pole Clamp / Instruction Manual / Syringe brand label Optional items (sold separately) DC cable / Angle adjustable pole clamp TE.852 Conformity standards.
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-hariz hamid
a year ago
a year agoNo Protective earth
why the syringe pump in class 1 classification but do not have protective earth?Reply
3 years ago
3 years agoPrograming Syringe
How do you change the syringe manufacturer on the machine?Reply


3 years ago
3 years agoStrange alarm
I have a syringe that has a strange alarm. When using a 30 or 50 ml syringe, during the infusion it will stop, the leds that indicate the size of the syringe will blink and you will hear an audible alarm. If I press star the infusion will continue but repeat this alarm several times until it finally finishes the infusion. This doesn't happen when using a smaller syringe (10 or 20ml). I will like to know if maybe I'm doing something wrong or if this has happened to anybody else. Reply


Terumo syringe without needleManual
  • Display for safe parameter settings
  • Unique dial setting
  • Fast and unmistakable syringe placement
  • Solid design
  • Clear alarm monitor


Flow Accuracy3 %
Flow Rate Range0.1 to 999 ml/h
Infusion Pump TypeGeneral-Purpose
Height114 mm
Length 115 mm
Weight1.8 kg
Width322 mm
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Ease of use: Your best guarantee for a faultless and SAFE infusion

Display for safe parameter settings
In order to avoid reading mistakes and misprogramming of the flow rate, thedifference between the digits and the decimal places is clearly marked by an orange coloured decimal point and an apparent difference in size.
Unique dial setting
The ergonomically designed dial helps to eliminate mistakes whilst making settings.
It allows you to reach the setting easily and in a more evident manner.Fast and unmistakable syringe placementIn order to guarantee correct placement and reliable functioning of the syringe, the pump is equipped with a barrel detection
unit. In this way, the correct placement of different syringe sizes is very fast and
easy, as well as entirely safe.
Solid design
Especially during patient transportation, it is important to have a system which is
designed to minimize the risk of breaking. Therefore, it is a big advantage to have
the Terufusion syringe pumps where the slider is always staying inside the borders
of the pump casing.
Clear alarm monitor
This monitor centralizes information about the operation status and nature
of the alarm. The status can easily be seen on the pump, without having to
enter menus. A pressure monitor is incorporated in the alarm monitor to
follow the pressure variance constantly. A large, bright Operation Indicator features
a unique flow-proportional indication for intuitive monitoring of the flow. With its
omnidirectional view, it enhances safety in terms of flow rate setting (green turning),
Stand-by Mode (green flashing) and alarm status (red).

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Terumo Syringe Without Needle

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Terumo Syringe 1cc


2 years ago
2 years agoTerumo system 1
I need the service manual of Term system 1 thanksReply
2 years ago
2 years agoTerumo system 1
I need the service manual of Term system 1 thanksReply


-Victor Vo
3 years ago
3 years agooperation manual

pls help operation manual



Flow Accuracy1 %