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Feb 02, 2013  I changed the oil & filter in my 2012 Outback 2.5i for the first time after 6 months at 3100 miles. I added 4.4 Qt according to the user's manual and a genuine Subaru filter. However the oil dipstick shows oil barely at the low lever mark.

2010 Subaru Legacy Manual Pdf

Download 2. Jack-up vehicle, support it with safety stands, and remove front wheels. 3. Unlock axle nut. See Fig. 9 . CAUTION: Be sure to loose and retighten axle nut after removing wheel from vehicle. Failure to follow this rule may damage wheel bearings. 4. Remove axle nut while depressing brake pedal to prevent front drive shaft from turning. 5. Remove stabilizer link. See Fig. 10 . 6. Remove disc brake caliper from housing, and suspend it from strut using a wire. 7. Remove disc rotor from hub. See Fig. 11 . If disc rotor seizes up within hub, drive disc rotor out by installing an 8-mm bolt in screw hole on the rotor. 8. Remove cotter pin and castle nut which secure tie-rod end to housing knuckle arm. See Fig. 12 . 9. Using a puller, remove tie-rod ball joint from knuckle arm. See Fig. 13 . 10. Remove ABS sensor assembly and harness. See Fig. 14 . 11. Remove bolt which secures sensor harness to strut. See Fig. 15 . 12. Remove transverse link ball joint from housing. See Fig. 16 .