Stiebel Eltron Underfloor Heating User Manual

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STIEBEL ELTRON pride itself on delivering products that improve the comfort in our customers' homes. The range of heating under floor mats from STIEBEL ELTRON is designed to deliver greater comfort and a luxurious experience – they provide comfortable warmth under foot quickly and efficiently. In the downloads you will find instructions for use and assembly, useful software as well as product and spare parts data. Download now Our website is optimized for the use of cookies.

Stiebel Eltron Under Floor Heating Pack (4M2) Product code: 1903028. View Product Specifications. Designed to deliver greater comfort and a luxurious experience, the Stiebel Eltron Floor Heating Mats provide a comfortable warmth under foot quickly and efficiently. User Manual - Under.



1. Operating instructions

for the user and the professional

2. Installation instructions

for the professional

1.1 Description of the unit

Stiebel Eltron underfloor heating mats, heat
up floors without long delays in heating-up
time, and therefore offer an increase in living
comfort. They can be used in combination with
other heating systems, which are already
They are easily laid beneath the top covering
of the floor using the tile-bonding agent -
with a levelling compound in the case of
other floor coverings.

The floor temperature is controlled using
wall-mounted thermostats produced by
Stiebel Eltron (observe the operating and
installation instructions for the thermostats).
If Stiebel Eltron original thermostats are not
used, care must be taken to ensure that the
thermostats used do not permit a floor
temperature of 45 °C to be exceeded.

1.1.1 Control

For accurate control of the floor
temperature, a floor temperature probe

(within the scope of supply of the floor
thermostat), which can if necessary be
replaced, is laid with the heated mat.

Positioning of the temperature probe
The position of the floor temperature probe
should be determined (See page 2), so as to
avoid false temperature measurements by
the probe.
Possible sources of readings are:

heat build-up, through additional covering
of the probe zone, e.g. by a cupboard

covering the biggest area of the floor, e.g.
with a rug, but not over the probe zone.

1.2 What shall I do if.....

the floor doesn’t heat up when the
thermostat is activated?

Check whether the fuses for the thermo-
stat are defective or the fault-current
circuit breaker switch has been tripped.

If the floor still fails to heat up after
inserting the fuse or switching on the fault-
current circuit breaker switch, call a
qualified installer.

If the tile-bonding agent has not dried out
completely, heating up time can be

1.3 Important note

Keep this instruction carefully and
hand it to your successor in the

event of a change in ownership.
In the event of any maintenance work,
leave it to the qualified installer to carry
out an inspection

Laying and electrical connection must be
carried out by a qualified installer, observing
these installation instructions.

2.1 Heating element

In the heated floor mat, the heating cables
are sewn in an undulating format onto a fine-
meshed glass reinforced fabric.
For mains connection, the heating elements
are connected to 2 PTC (positive tempera-
ture coefficient) connectors, each 4 m in length.

1 Heating line
2 Glass reinforced fabric
3 Sleeve joint
4 PTC connector
5 Securing device
6 Temperature sensor (thermostat fitting)
7 Connection to mains supply

(LNE 3 x 1.5 mm²)

8 Connection box
9 Trunking 11 mm ø for temperature sensor

10 Trunking 11 mm ø for PTC connectors

2.2 Provisions and Regulations

The type label is to be noted! The stated
voltage must correspond to the mains


All electrical connection and installation
work must be carried out in accordance
with the I.E.E Regulations, the provisions of
the electricity supply companies, and the
appropriate national and regional provisions.

It must be possible to isolate the heated
floor mat on all poles from the mains
supply via an additional device with an
isolating distance of at least 3mm. For this,
a switched spur point should be installed.

Connection to the mains is only possible
using a permanent connection.

Installation of the connection box (8) in
rooms with a bath and/or shower not in
protection zones 1 and 2.

Only the PTC connectors (4) may be
shortened or lengthened.

Sleeve connections (3) must not be put
under tension.

Expansion joints must not be crossed.

Stiebel Eltron Electric Heaters

The heating lines (1)
– must not under any circumstances be

connected directly to the mains;

– must not be fed behind or through

isolating or insulating material;

– must not be bent, twisted or crossed

(bending radius at least 15 mm =
reverse arc at least 30 mm).

– must be enclosed by screeding com-

pound or tile bonding agent along their
whole length;

Laying of the heated floor mat(s) must not
be undertaken at temperatures below 5 °C.

Care must be taken that the full area of
the electric heating mat is in direct contact
with the floor surface.

The heating cable must be fully covered by
the tile adhesive or levelling compound.
Air-gaps must be avoided.

When carrying out the laying, current
Building Regulations must be taken into

Stiebel Eltron Wall Heater

The substructure must exhibit a tempera-
ture resistance factor of > 80 °C.

2.3 Installation site

All sub-floors must be dry, solid, clean, free
from separating agents and dirt, crack-free
and resistant to bending.

Sub-floors must be suitable for floor heating
systems and must be primed prior to fitting
the heated floor mat.

2.3.1 Installation instruction

Stiebel Eltron Underfloor Heating Manual


a Floor covering

b Tile bonding agent

c Heating element

d Sub-floor

2.3.2 Laying the floor covering

Care must be taken to ensure that
screed, floor covering, bonding agent,

levelling compound etc. are suitable for
floor heating systems (see manufacturers’

Installation on screed
Lay out the heated mat(s) on the screed
floor and fix (if necessary with holding down
dowels), coat with tile bonding agent - applying
the tile bonding agent at least as thickly as
the heating conductors - and fit the tiles.

Stiebel Eltron Solar

Carpet, wood, laminate
Installation on screed
Cover the heated mat(s) with levelling
compound, so that a smooth surface is
produced and the heat conductor has a 3 to
5 mm covering of levelling compound.
This creates an additional built-up height
including the heated mat of 6 to 8 mm. Apply
the desired covering after drying.

Installation on wooden floors
Cover the heated mat(s) with a fibre reinforced
levelling compound, so that a smooth surface
is produced and the heat conductor has a 3
to 5 mm covering of levelling compound.

Stiebel Eltron Underfloor Heating Controller Manual

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