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Posted : admin On 10/7/2021
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Paradox alarm equipment was designed to work effectively around functionalities of a keypad (refer to the REM3 User Manual for more information). It must be understood that while your Paradox alarm system is highly in the Reference & Installation Manual, which can be downloaded from our website at. The elegant and user-friendly MG32LCD, MG32LRF, MG32LED, and MG10LEDV/H keypad modules allow you to easily access your security system's functions and provide you with an easy-to-understand display of your security system's alarm and operational status.

Hi All,
Great forum. First timer...
I have a Paradox SP550 + TM50 keypad + IP150 unit. Connected to a phone-line + GSM gateway as a backup. I control the alarm from my phone app and customized remote. All working fine.
I can login into the unit via the ip address/8080. I can only see the basics and unable to modify anything. The main items are greyed out.
I'm going overseas and would like to modify the telephone numbers the unit rings in the event that the alarm goes off.
On the TM50 keypad, I click on communications, then personal phone... and it goes nowhere...
Can I easily make this simple change without having to involve a installer?
What steps do I need to take?
Thanks in advance
Paradox alarm system manual

Paradox Alarm Systems

  • System is clearly and simply displayed on the Esprit keypad. The keypad diagram at the end of of this manual provides you with an excellent introduction to the roles of the keypad function keys on both the Esprit 616 and 626 keypads. Individual zone key lights communicate the status of the zones in your system. If the zone light is 'off', the.
  • Paradox User Manuals; Security System Models. Magellan MG6160. Paradox DigiPlex 848. Get Free home Security & Safety Tips. Security Alarm then came and installed our alarm system on the day and time they said they would. The system has worked flawlessly for three years now. I would definitely recommend them for any security alarm needs.