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Soundcraft Spirit Studio User Technical Manual 0 results. You may also like. AUSTRALIAN ARMY TECHNICAL MANUAL USER HANDBOOK OPERATIONS MANUAL 1983 BOOK. EUR 12.33 + EUR 15.41 postage; 2 x Soundcraft Spirit Absolute 2 Crossovers. Fully Functioning. Soundcraft Spirit Folio F1 16/2 analogue mixing desk w/ power adapter. Soundcraft Ultimate Operation, Repair, Service Manuals & schematics Home; Soundcraft Ultimate Operation, Repair, Service Manuals & schematics (PDFs on DVD) Soundcraft Ultimate Operation, Repair, Service Manuals & schematics (PDFs on DVD) $19.95 USD. Spirit F1 14-2 16-2 user manual. Spirit F1-8 schematics. Spirit Folio user guide. View and Download SoundCraft Spirit Folio Rac Pac instruction manual online. SoundCraft # B. Spirit Folio 4 1. Spirit Folio Rac Pac. User Manual.pdf. SoundCraft Spirit Folio Rac Pac User Manual. Download 1.97 Mb. SPIRIT FOLIO RAC PAC. 12 PHANTOM POWER. Wedding party soundcraft epm8 manual is which features a technical SOUNDCRAFT SPIRIT E12 MANUAL SOUNDCRAFT SPIRIT FX8 USER MANUAL. Soundcraft Spirit E12 User Guide CLICK HERE. Nov 08, 2010  I don't have a spare, and since the board is getting some age on it (10-15yrs), I'm wondering how hard it would be to find one. I know that the board (Soundcraft Spirit Folio 12/2) has been discontinued. I've never had any trouble out of it and I'd hate to have to replace it just because of the AC/transformer cable.



You will probably use your SPIRIT FOLIO RAC PAC with a wide range of different types of sound source, and these will

be at varying signal levels. It is important to set the GAIN of the inputs correctly to give the best performance.

Set up the individual Mono input channels as follows:


Plug in the chosen source (usually the MIC input for mics and the LINE input for anything else). Plug in phantom

powered mics before switching the phantom power on. Set the channel fader fully down.


Set the Group and Master Faders at ’0’ and GROUPS TO MIX pressed.


Select MIX to C/Room & Phones.


Check that SOLO MODE is released.


Release the channel routing switches to route to Groups 1-2


Provide the chosen source with a typical signal level and press the latching PFL button by the fader. The level of

signal will be shown on the right-hand Bargraph Meter (the Left meter will be switched off when the PFL button is

Soundcraft Spirit Folio 12/2 Service Manual



Adjust the input GAIN until the meter is just reaching the amber LED (0dB) at a typical maximum source level with

a steady signal. If the source signal is rich in high-level transients (e.g. drums) a rather higher meter reading of

+6/+9 will be needed to achieve an equivalent average level. This leaves enough headroom to cope with peaks

in the signal without distortion.


Adjust each input channel in the same way.


If you find that you cannot set a reasonable level within the range of the GAIN control when using a MIC input

on the Mono channels, try the LINE input instead.

Stereo inputs 11-14 do not have a GAIN control, since the typical source for these inputs will be external tape machines

or effects units which have a much more predictable signal level. Set the +4/-10 switch to +4 (released) initially, and


check the input level with the PFL switch as decribed above. If the level is too low, switch to the -10 input setting.

You will now have initial settings for each of the input sources and are ready to start building a mix.


Connect your power amplifiers and speakers and set the gain of the amplifiers to about 70%.


Move the individual channel faders gradually to the required working level, listening carefully for any hint of

feedback or overload. You may find that the input gain settings will need to be edged back slightly as the mix is

built up.


Listen carefully for the characteristic sound of ‘feedback’. If you cannot achieve a satisfactory input level setting

without feedback, adjust microphone and speaker positions and try again.

Careful microphone placement and the choice of a suitable type of microphone is important for vocals. The aim should

be to place the microphone as close as possible to the source, to cut out unwanted surrounding sounds. This allows a

lower gain setting on the mixer and helps to avoid feedback. You will also find that a well-placed microphone will not

need any appreciable equalisation.



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Page 13: 2 auxiliary sends, 3 balance, 4 pfl, 5 routing












There are four Stereo Returns, which have similar controls but different routing

configurations to provide the maximum flexibility. Each Return has an

unbalanced stereo input on 3-pole ’A’ gauge (TRS) jacks. If a mono source is

to be used, plugging into the Left jack automatically feeds the signal equally to

both sides of the Return.


The LEVEL control sets the overall signal level, and enough gain is available to

match both +4dBu and -10dBV sources. Rotation clockwise increases the gain

of the input.


Each Return may access Aux 1 (Pre-fade) and one of the post-fade sends.

Returns A & C feed to Aux 3 and Returns B & D feed to Aux 4. The controls

should be turned fully anticlockwise when not in use.


This control sets the amount of the channel signal feeding the pairs of Groups

or Mix, allowing you to balance the source in the stereo image. When the control

is turned fully right or left you feed only that side of the signal to the destination

Soundcraft Spirit Folio Sx

selected by the Routing switch (see below).


When the PFL (Pre-Fade-Listen) switch is pressed a mono sum of the pre-fade

signal is fed to the headphones or monitor output, replacing the selected source.

The PFL LED on the Master section illuminates to warn that the headphones,

monitor and right bargraph meter are now responding to the PFL/AFL selection.


This switch selects either a pair of Groups (switch released) or Mix (switch

pressed) as the destination for the Stereo Return signal after it has passed through

the BAL control. Returns A & B route to Groups 1 & 2, and Returns C & D route

Soundcraft Spirit Mixer

to Groups 3 & 4. The left return signal feeds the odd-numbered Group or Mix

Left, while the right return signal feeds the even-numbered Group or Mix Right.


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