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Sony PS-T22 User Manual. PS-T22 was a direct-drive stereo turntable system with linear brushless motor manufactured by the Sony Corporation in 1980. It utilised the XL-15A moving magnet cartridge, and Sony ND-15GA stylus needle with 400-hours playing time. This was a high spec machine with wow-and-flutter rating at 0.025-% (WRMS). Sony ps 22 table comes with orig cart and stylus original boxes for table and cart owners manual hard pressed to find a scratch on it. 2nd like new. This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the. PS-LX300USB (Stereo Turntable System) Responsible Party: Sony Electronics Inc. Address: 16450 W. Bernardo Dr, San Diego. About This Manual Thank you for purchasing the Sony Stereo.


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  2. Specifications.22 Parts and Controls.23 About This Manual Thank you for purchasing the Sony Stereo Turntable System. Before operating the unit, please read this.




31 cm (l

2‘/4 in.), aluminum-alloy diecast


Linear torque BSL (brushless and slotless)

Drive system

Direct drive

Control system Magnedisc servo control system

33‘/3 rpm, 45 rpm

Starting characteristics Comes to nominal speed within a

half revolution (

33V3 rpm)

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Wow and flutter 0.02% (WRMS)* 0.025% (WRMS)
Signal-to-noise ratio 75dB(DlN-B)

Load characteristics 0.05% up to 150 g stylus force (at lead-in

groove of a record)


Statically balanced

Pivot-to-stylus length 216.5 mm





16.5 mm

(“/32 in.)

Stylus force adjustment range 0 - 3 g
Cartridge shell weight

U.S.A. model; 4.7 g
Canadian model : 5.2 g

Cartridge weight range (including supplied shell)

7.5 - 12 g

Cartridge VL-5 (supplied only with the PS-LX2C)
Frequency response
Channel separation
Output voltage
Load impedance
Tracking force


Power requirements
Power consumption

Moving magnet type
10 Hz to 20 kHz

20 dB at 1 kHz
3.5 mV at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec.,45°
47 to 100 kilohms

1.5 to 2.5 g (2 g recommended)

Sony ND-5G
(Conical 0.6 mil diamond)
5.0 g


Supplied accessories

120 V ac, 60 Hz

Approx. 430 X 105 X 355 mm (w/h/d)

(17 X

4V4 X 14 in.)

including projecting parts and controls
Approx. 5.8 kg (12 lbs 13 oz), net
Approx. 7.1 kg (15 lbs 10 oz), in shipping

45-rpm adaptor (1)
Cartridge shell (


Disc centering guides (2)
Cartridge VL-5 (only with the PS-LX2C) (1)

The following trouble checks will help you correct most common
problems encountered with a turntable system. Should any pro­
blem persist after you have made these checks, consult your

nearest Sony service facility.
Before proceeding with these trouble checks, first refer to the con­
nections and the operating procedures on page 6.

Impaired tone quality
• Improper tracking force. See “Tonearm adjustment” on page 4.
• Dusty stylus.
• The turntable is not placed on a level surface.
• The turntable is incorrectly placed on or too near a speaker.
• Worn stylus or defective record. (The stylus life is approximately
400 hours of playing time.)

• incorrect stylus installation.
• Improper tonearm balance.
• Improper setting of the anti-skating compensator.

No audio from one channel
• Loose attachment of the cartridge shell to the tonearm.
• Poor shell connection. Wipe the connector pins with denatured


• Loose connection of phono connecting cord.
• Low volume level setting for one channel of the amplifier.

Groove skipping, tonearm tends to skate, tonearm does not ad­

• Improper tracking force. See “Tonearm adjustment” on page


• Improper setting of the anti-skating compensator.
• The turntable is not placed on a level surface.
• Defective record.
• External vibrations.

Steady low-pitched hum

• Loose connection between the cartridge shell and the tonearm.
• Loose connection of phono cord.

Loud rumble or low-frequency howl *
• The turntable is affected by external vibration.
• The turntable is too near a speaker.

*This is called “acoustic feedback' and is caused when vibrations from the

speakers are transmitted through the air or via solid objects (such as the
shelves, the cabinet, the floor, etc.) to the turntable, where it is picked up by
the stylus, amplified and reproduced through the speakers once again.

Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

♦ This new measuring method concerns only the turntable assembly, in­

cluding the platter. It excludes wow and flutter caused by the tonearm, the
cartridge, or the record. Measured by obtaining signal from magnetic pick­
up head.

Sony Corporation Printed in Japan

3-783-557-22 (1)

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