Sharp Electronic Cash Register Xe A102 User Manual

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View and Download Sharp XE-A102 instruction manual online. XE-A102 Cash Register pdf manual download. Expressly approved by the manufacturer could void the user's authority to operate this equipment. Thank you for purchasing the SHARP Electronic Cash Register Model XE-A102. Oct 07, 2013  Sharp Cash Register Xe-a102 User Manual DOWNLOAD HERE. Sharp Cash Register XE-A102 User ManualDownload the Official User Manual This is it, you have found the Official User Manual.

5. Attach the printer cover.


Improper use of batteries could cause
them to burst or leak, which might damage
the interior of the cash register. Please
take the following precautions:
•Be sure that the positive (+) and negative

(-) poles of each battery are oriented

•Never mix batteries of different types.
•Never mix old batteries and new ones.
•Never leave dead batteries in the battery


•Remove the batteries if you plan not to

use the cash register for long periods.

•Should a battery leak, clean out the

battery compartment immediately, taking
care not to let the battery fluid come into
direct contact with your skin.

•If an incorrect battery is used, it may

explode or leak.

•For battery disposal, follow the relevant

law or regulation in your country.

Installing a Paper Roll

Always install the paper roll even when you set the
register for not printing journal or receipt in REG

1. Push the printer cover forward and detach it.
2. Place a paper roll in the paper roll cradle so

that the paper unrolls from the bottom.

Tax 1





Tax rate (7.0000%)

Min. taxable
amount ($0.11)

Changing Other Settings As Necessary

Your cash register is pre-programmed so that you
can use it with minimum setup. To change the initial
settings, see the appropriate sections.

Initial Settings
Departments 1 to 4:
Taxable 1. Positive (+). Preset price: 0.00
Departments 5 to 8:

Non-taxable. Positive (+). Preset price: 0.00

PLU codes 1-10:

Assigned to dept. 1. Preset price: 0.00

PLU codes 11-80:

Not used

When you program the tax status for a department,
tax will be automatically added to sales of items
assigned to the department according to the
programmed tax status for the department. You can
also enter tax manually.

There are two tax programming methods. The tax
rate method uses a straight percentage rate per
dollar. The tax table method requires tax break
information from your state or local tax offices. Use
the method which is acceptable in your state. You
can obtain necessary data for tax programming from
your local tax office.






For tax table programming, see 'programming'

Tax Rate Programming
The percent rate specified here is used for tax
calculation on taxable subtotals. Turn the mode
switch to the Z/PGM position and use the following
sequence to program the tax rate:




➝ Tax number(1-4) ➝


➝ R


➝ Q ➝

where R and Q represent the following.
R: Tax rate (0.0000% to 99.9999%) x 10000
Enter the rate in 6 digits (leading zeros may be
omitted). If the rate is fractional (e.g., 4 3/8%), it
should be converted to its decimal equivalent
(4.375) before entering.
Q: Minimum taxable amount (0.01 to 99.99) x 100
Smallest amount for which tax must be collected. In
some states, sales whose amounts are less than the
minimum taxable amount are not subject to tax. If
amounts $0.01 to $0.10 are not taxed, the value of
Q would be 11 (for $0.11), the lowest of the first
taxable category.

Time (2:30 p.m.)










Always enter the date in 6 digits. For

example, enter







for March

15, 2006. If you change the date format in
the Z/PGM mode, follow the newly specified
format when setting the date.

Checking the Time and Date

You can display the time and date to check if they
are correctly set.
1. Turn the mode switch in the REG position.

2. Press the


key once to display the time.

3. Press the


key a second time to display the


Programming the Tax Rate

Before you can proceed with registration of sales,
you must first program the tax that is levied in
accordance with the law of your state. Your cash
register comes with the ability to program four
different tax rates. In most states, you will only
need to program Tax 1. However, if you live in an
area that has a separate local tax (such as a Parish
tax) or a hospitality tax, your register can be
programmed to calculate these separate taxes.

In order to program the tax to be collected in
accordance with the law of your state, you must
specify the tax rate(s) and minimum taxable






•Always enter the time in 4 digits even when

Sharp Xe A102 Ink

the hour is in the single digit. For example,






for 6:30 a.m.

• 6:30 a.m. prints as “06-30” and 6:30 p.m.

prints as “[email protected]”.

Setting the Date

In the Z/PGM mode, enter the date in 6 digits using

the month-day-year format. Press the



key once

to continue programming or twice to exit the
program mode.

5. Attach the printer cover.

(For receipt printing, step 4 should be omitted.)

Setting the Time

Turn the mode switch to the Z/PGM position and
enter the time in 4 digits (“hhmm” format) using the

24 hour system. Press the



key once to continue

programming or twice to exit the program mode.

3. Insert three new AA batteries.

Initializing the Cash Register

For your cash register to operate properly, you must
initialize it before programming for the first time.
Follow this procedure.
1. Remove the register from its packing carton.
2. Insert one of the supplied mode keys into the

mode switch and turn it to the REG position.

3. Insert the plug into the AC outlet.

IMPORTANT: This operation must be performed
without batteries loaded.

4. The buzzer will sound three times. Now your

cash register has been initialized. The display
will show '0.00' with “ ”.

Installing Batteries

Batteries must be installed in the cash register to
prevent data and programmed contents from being
lost from the memory in case of accidental
disconnection of the AC cord or power failure. Please
install three new “AA” batteries before programming
and operating the cash register. Once installed, the
batteries will last approximately one year. When it is
time to replace them, the “

l” symbol will appear on

the display to indicate a low battery voltage. If the
symbol appears, you must replace them within two
Install the batteries according to this procedure with
the AC cord connected:
1. Push the printer cover forward and detach it.

4. When the batteries are properly installed, “ ”

on the display will disappear. Close the battery

Thank you for purchasing the SHARP Electronic Cash Register Model XE-A102. Please
read this manual carefully before operating your machine. Keep this manual for future
reference. It will help you solve any operational problems that you may encounter.

For assistance call









CC Regulations state that any unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment not

expressly approved by the manufacturer could void the user’s authority to operate this equipment.
Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device,
pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection
against harmful interference when this equipment is operated in a commercial environment.
This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used
in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.
Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference in which case
the user will be required to correct the interference at his own expense.


The socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible.


Please record below the model number and serial number, for easy reference, in case of loss or theft.
These numbers are located on the right side of the unit. Space is provided for further pertinent data.

Model Number_______________________________________________________

Serial Number_______________________________________________________

Date of Purchase_____________________________________________________

Place of Purchase____________________________________________________

Handling Cautions

Install the cash register in a location not subject to direct sunlight, unusual temperature
changes, high humidity, or splashing water.

Do not operate the cash register with wet hands. Water can cause internal component failure.

The cash register plugs into any standard wall outlet (120V AC ± 10%). Avoid connecting any
other electrical devices on the same electrical circuit since such connection could cause the
cash register to malfunction.

When cleaning the cash register, use a dry, soft cloth. Never use volatile liquids, such as
benzine or thinner. Chemicals can discolor or damage the cabinet.

For protection against data loss, please install three new “AA” batteries before using the cash
register. However, never forget you must initialize the cash register before installation of
batteries; otherwise damage to memory contents or malfunctioning of the register will occur. You
can start operating it only after initializing it and then installing batteries.

For complete electrical disconnection, pull out the main plug.

Printed in China


Getting Started

For Easy Set-up,

See “Getting Started”

View from rear

View from rear

2. Open the battery cover next to the paper roll

Sharp Electronic Cash Register Xe-a203 Manual


3. Insert the paper straight into the paper inlet,

and press the






key. The inserted end

comes out at the printing area.

4. (For journal printing) Insert the top end of

the paper into the slit in the take-up spool
shaft and wind the paper two or three turns.
Then place the take-up spool on the bearing.

Sharp xe a102 manual pdf

Date (March 15, 2006)





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