Schlage Electronic Deadbolt Lock 39982 User Manual

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Apr 23, 2018  Program the Schlage Keypad Deadbolt Lock. The Schlage keypad deadbolt is ready to use and it’s not necessary to program the lock. The lock is factory pre-programmed with two 4-digit User Codes that you can use immediately. The default user codes are printed on the yellow label on the installation instructions. Shop Schlage Smart locks such as Schlage Sense and Connect. (800) 375-3403. Learning Center Help. Schlage Refurbished Electronic Locks. Save up to 70% on clearance locks. Schlage Sense Century Touchscreen Smart Deadbolt with Built-in Alarm. Model: BE479-CEN. Starting at $232.16 (13) FREE Shipping.

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Restore Factory Settings
WARNING: Locate the default programming and User Codes on the front of the Keypad Locks

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Programming Guide or the back of the keypad before beginning! Default programming and User Codes will
be restored. All existing User Codes and current Programming Code will be erased. Customer Service cannot
retrieve lost default codes! Do not restore factory settings unless you can locate the default codes.
1. Disconnect the battery. For BE365, see page 3. For FE575 and FE595, see page 5.
Schlage deadbolt instructions39982
3. Reconnect the battery and wait until is no longer lit.
4. Within 10 seconds, press and hold until lights green and the lock beeps.
simply pushing the Schlage
1 High
Your lock has been installed incorrectly and is not
secure. Repeat the installation process. Ensure the cam and
bolt positions are correct, as referenced in the installation
BE365: after pushing
thumbturn, the deadbolt
Turn Lock feature is disabled. See the Keypad Locks
Programming Guide for instructions to enable the Turn Lock
I forgot my Programming
Check front of Keypad Locks Programming Guide or back of
If needed, restore lock to factory settings. See Restore
Outside thumbturn does not
Lock is malfunctioning. See Emergency Lock Override on
I need to delete a User Code
Delete all User Codes. Then add all needed User Codes back
into the lock. See the Keypad Locks Programming Guide.

Schlage Be365 Camelot Keyless Deadbo…

1 High,
Green then
Vacation Mode is enabled. See the Keypad Locks
does not light when
Too many incorrect User Codes have been entered. Wait 30
If keypad does not respond after 30 seconds, then replace
battery. For BE365, see page 3. For FE575 and FE595, page 5.
after a valid User Code is
Red then
Battery is low and should be replaced. For BE365, see page 3.

Schlage Digital Deadbolt Lock

blinking red but no

Schlage Lock Manual


Schlage Be365 Camelot Keyless Deadbolt Manual

Battery is dead and MUST be replaced. For BE365, see page 3.