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By connecting Smart TV to compatible devices, network or cloud services, you can easily search online popular content and enjoy your own content, ranging from photos, videos.



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Samsung Smart Control

- Colours and shape may vary depending on the model.

Turns the TV on/off.

Changes the source.

Changes the channel.

Press this button to use the search


With the virtual remote control on the
screen, you can easily enter digits,
control content, and use functions.

Changes the volume.

Starts voice recognition. When the
microphone icon appears on the
screen, say a voice command into the

- Say a voice command 10 cm to

15 cm from the microphone and
at an appropriate volume.

- Touchpad: Place a finger on the

touch pad and move the Samsung

Smart Control. The pointer on the

screen moves in the direction and as

much as the Samsung Smart Control

is moved. Press the touchpad to run


the focused item.

- < > ¡ £: Moves the pointer or



: Returns to the previous menu.

Additionally, when you press this button

while watching TV, you can return to the

previous channel.


Samsung Smart Tv 6400 Series

Samsung Smart Tv 6400 User Manual

: Press and hold this button to exit all

currently running applications.

Use these buttons with specific features.

Use these buttons according to the

directions on the

TV screen.

Launches Smart Hub. Pressing

while an application is

running terminates the application.


: Displays the digital channel

broadcasting schedule.

Samsung Smart Tv 6400 Manual


: Press and hold to launch the



Colour button: Use these colour
buttons to access additional options
specific to the feature in use.

- REC: Press and hold to record the


- INFO: Press and hold to view

information about the current
digital channel or media file.


: Displays the menu on the


Enable Football Mode for an optimal

sports viewing experience.

¢: Turns the sound



: Press and hold this

button to bring up the

Accessibility Shortcuts

panel. Select the

options to turn them on

or off.

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Samsung Tv 6400 Manual

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