Samsung Blu Ray Player Bd E5400 User Manual

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Feb 02, 2016  Get access to helpful solutions, how-to guides, owners' manuals, and product specifications for your 2014 Blu-ray Disc Player (H5100 Series) from Samsung US Support.


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  • User guide. Read online or download PDF. Samsung BD-EM57C-ZA User Manual. Samsung Blu-Ray Players. Manuals Directory - online owner manuals library. Samsung manuals. Blu-Ray Players. Manual Samsung BD-EM57C-ZA User Manual Samsung Blu-Ray Players.
  • Jul 13, 2017  Samsung OEM Original AK59-00149A Blu-Ray Player Remote Control For SAMSUNG BD-F5100 FM51C BD-F5700 FM57C BD-H5100 HM51 BD-H5700 HM57C BD-H5900 HM59C BD-J5100 JM51C BD-J5700 JM57C BD-J5900 JM59C E5400.
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CLASS 1 LASER pROdUCT Precautions Safety Information This Compact Disc player is classified as a Important Safety Instructions CLASS 1 LASER product. Use of controls, Warning adjustments or performance of procedures Read these operating instructions carefully other than those specified herein may result in before using the unit. Follow all the safety TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE THE COVER (OR BACK). hazardous radiation exposure. instructions listed below. NO USER-SE

Samsung Blu Ray Player Bd E5400 User Manual
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12. Use only with the cart, • Disc Storage stand, tripod, bracket, ` Do not keep in direct sunlight. Contents or table specified by ` Keep in a cool ventilated area. the manufacturer, ` Keep in a clean protection jacket and Language Settings ..................................... 13 SAFETy INFORmATION or sold with the store vertically. Security Settings........................................ 13 apparatus. When Warning ....................................................... 2 General Setting

Samsung Blu Ray Player Bd E5400 User Manual
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• Some USB/External HDD/digital camera Region Code devices may not be compatible with the player. Getting Started Both players and discs are coded by region. • Your player supports the FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS file systems. These regional codes must match for a disc Before using the User Manual to play. If the codes do not match, the disc • Connect USB devices directly to the player’s will not play. USB port. Connecting through a USB cable may cause compatibility problems. The Region Code

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• SAMSUNG is not responsible for any data file damage or data loss. • Audio decoder • Your player does not support NTFS compressed files, sparse files, or encrypted files. - Supports WMA 7, 8, 9 and STD • You can repair or format a USB device on your Desktop PC. (MS-Windows OS only) - Does not support WMA sampling rate of 22050Hz mono. Video File Support Music File Support File Extension Container Video Codec Audio Codec Resolution File Extension Container Audio Codec Support Range MP3 *.mp3

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Front Panel Remote Control PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON Tour of the Remote Control STOP BUTTON Turn the player on and off. Turn the TV on and off. OPEN/CLOSE BUTTON After setup, allows you to set the input source on your TV. POWER BUTTON Press to eject a disc. TV volume adjustment. Press numeric buttons to operate options. Use to enter the disc menu. Use to enter the popup menu/title menu. Press to skip backwards or forwards. Press to search a disc backwards or forwards. REMOTE CONTROL SENSOR Press to s

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Connecting to an Audio System (HdmI supported AV receiver) Connections 1. Using an HDMI cable, connect the HdmI OUT terminal on the rear of the player to the HdmI IN terminal of your AV receiver. See page 8. A. Connecting to a TV 2. Using an HDMI cable, connect the HdmI OUT terminal of the AV receiver to the HdmI IN terminal of your TV. Connecting to a TV with an HdmI Cable 3. Turn on the player, TV, and AV receiver. 4. Using the input select button of the AV receiver and TV, select the correc

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Settings A Connecting to a TV ` If you leave the player in the stop mode for The Initial Settings Procedure more than 5 minutes without using it, a screen saver will appear on your TV. If the player is • The Home screen will not appear if you do not left in the screen saver mode for more than 25 configure the initial settings. minutes, the power will automatically turn off. HDMI cable • The OSD (On Screen Display) may change in this (not included) player after you upgrade the software ve

Samsung Bd E5400 Problems

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NOTE NOTE ✎ Resolution ✎ 1 Selects Videos. ` The access steps may differ depending on ` If the TV you connected to the player does not Lets you set the output resolution of the HDMI 2 Selects Netflix. the menu you selected. The OSD (On Screen support Movie Frame or the resolution you video signal to Auto, 1080p, 1080i, 720p or Display) may change in this player after you selected, the message “If no pictures are shown 3 Selects VUDU HD Movies. 480p. The number indicates the number of upgr

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* If the Source Stream is 2ch, “Re-encoded • If your TV is not compatible with PCM progressive mode Dolby D” Setting is not applied. Output will sampling rates over 48kHz, the player may Lets you improve picture quality when viewing DVDs. be PCM 2ch. output 48kHz downsampled PCM audio even though you set PCM Downsampling Blu-ray Discs may include three audio to Off. Audio Settings streams : - Main Feature Audio : The audio soundtrack dynamic Range Control of the main feature. digital O

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• Use the arrow keys on your remote 10. Wait until the connection confirmation 6. Enter the Ip Address, Subnet mask, Settings Network Setting to move from button to button on the message is displayed, and then press and Gateway values. Display Access Point Selection : Not Selected Security Key screen. the v button. The Network Settings Audio 7. Press the ▼ to go to dNS. Internet Protocol Setup : Auto Network IP Address : 0 0 0 0 screen reappears. System • To change the kind of character

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2. Insert a Blu-ray Disc that supports BD- ` If your Samsung TV has an Anynet+ logo, then Network Test playing content located in your LIVE. it supports the Anynet+ function. pC on the Blu-ray disc player Use this menu item to check whether your ` Depending on your TV, certain HDMI output 3. Select an item from various BD-LIVE network connection is working or not. resolutions may not work. You can view shared files from your computer service contents provided by the disc Please refer to

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4. The update progress popup will appear. Language Settings Netflix Lock If you forgot your password When the update is completed, the Restrict the use of the Netflix service unless player will turn off automatically. You can select the language you prefer for the 1. Remove any discs. the 4 digit PIN is entered. Home menu, disc menu, etc. 5. Press the pOWER button to turn on the 2. Press and hold the @ button on the player. front panel for 5 seconds or more. NOTE VUdU Lock ✎ All settings wi

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NOTE NOTE ✎ ✎ ` The update is complete when the player turns Media Play ` No disc should be in the product when you off after restarting. Press the POWER button to upgrade the software using the USB Host jack. turn on the updated player for your use. Insert a Disc ` When the software upgrade is done, check the ` Never turn the player off or on manually during PANDORA inter net radio YouTube HD Movies CinemaNow software details in the software Upgrade menu. the update process. 1. Press the 8

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NOTE ✎ Controlling Music Playback Repeat an Audio Cd (Cd-dA)/ 6 button Starts playback. ` You must remove the USB storage device mp3 5 button Stops playback. You can control the playback of music safely (by performing the “Safely Remove USB” content located on a DVD, USB, or PC. function) in order to prevent possible damage 1. During Playlist playback, press the 7 button Pauses playback. to the USB memory. Press the MENU button to TOOLS button. Buttons on the Remote Control move to the Ho

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playlist Playing Photo Contents Appendix You can play photo contents located on a 1. To move to the Music List, press the 5 DVD, CD, or a USB storage device. or RETURN button. Troubleshooting The Music List screen appears. Using the Tools menu Before requesting service, please try the following solutions. Music 1/2 Page TRACK 001 During playback, press the TOOLS button. TRACK 001 TRACK 001 02:38 02:38 PROBLEM SOLUTION TRACK 001 TRACK 001 Slide Show Select to start the slide show. 02:38 02:38

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PROBLEM SOLUTION PROBLEM SOLUTION BD-LIVE Forgot password • Press the @ button (on front panel) for more than 5 seconds with no disc inside. All settings including the password will revert to the factory settings. I cannot connect to the BD- • Check whether the network connection is working or not by using the Don’t use this unless absolutely necessary. LIVE server. Network Status menu. • When the factory default settings are restored, all stored user BD data is • Check whether the USB

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Specifications Compliance and Compatibility Notice NOT ALL discs are compatible Power Requirements AC 120V, 60Hz • Subject to the restrictions described below and those noted throughout this Manual, including the Disc Type and Characteristics section of this user manual, disc types that can Power Consumption 10.5W be played are: pre-recorded commercial BD-ROM, DVD-VIDEO, and Audio CD (CD-DA) Weight 2.2 Ibs discs; BD-RE/-R, DVD-RW/-R discs; and CD-RW/-R discs. General Dimensions 10.6 (W) X 7

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Samsung Bd E5400 Remote

• For Blu-ray disc player progressive scan output : CONSUMERS SHOULD NOTE THAT Network Service disclaimer NOT ALL HIGH DEFINITION TELEVISION SETS ARE FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH THIS All content and services accessible through this device belong to third parties and are product AND MAY CAUSE ARTIFACTS TO BE DISPLAYED IN THE PICTURE. IN CASE OF protected by copyright, patent, trademark and/or other intellectual property laws. Such PROGRESSIVE SCAN PICTURE PROBLEMS, IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THE USER

Samsung Bd E5400 Software Upgrade

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Samsung Blu Ray Player Bd-e5400 Reset

License LImITEd WARRANTy TO ORIGINAL pURCHASER • Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the This SAMSUNG brand product, as supplied and this product or result in service problems; incorrect double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. distributed by SAMSUNG and delivered new, in the electrical line voltage, fluctuations and surges; original carton to the original consumer purchaser, customer adjustments and failure to follow operating is warranted by SAMSUNG