Rowenta Steam N Press User Manual

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Plug in your Steam 'n Press and set the thermostat to the steam setting. After approximately one minute it will reach working temperature. Page 9 WATER TO USE IN ROWENTA STEAM 'N PRESS Tap water The Rowenta Steam 'n Press is designed to be used with REGULAR TAP WATER (up to 12 grains of hardness).

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Possible Cause


Leaking or

Distilled water.

Never use 100% distilled water.


The Steam 'n Press is designed to
use tap water. In very hard water
areas we recommend using
bottled spring water.

Softened water.

If you experience spitting or
leaking with softened water,
change to untreated tap water
or bottled spring water.

Thermostat set

The thermostat needs to be set


to the 3 dot setting to produce

Overuse of burst

Allow 4 seconds between each

of steam.


Water tank.

Be sure that water tank is firmly
in place.

Isn't hot enough.

Allow Steam 'n Press to heat for
approximately 1 minute before

Steam 'n

Is it plugged in?

Check plug securely in socket.

Press won't

Is thermostat set

Turn the thermostat to a higher

too low?


Does not

Is water in the

Ensure tank has water in it.



Burst button not

Press the burst button 4-5 times


Rowenta Steam N Press User Manual

to begin steaming.

Not enough

Dual voltage not

Be sure the dual voltage selector

power or

set correctly.

is in correct voltage position

too much

before operating. Unplug the
appliance and turn the selector
(which is below the handle) with
a coin to align it with the correct
voltage (either 120 or 240 V).

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Please read the instructions for use and the Important Safety


Rowenta Steam N Press Instructions

It is normal for a small amount of smoke to be produced the first
time the appliance is used. This will quickly disappear.


When the appliance is plugged in, and
thermostat control dial is moved from
the minimum setting, the soleplate
heats. Do not touch or remove the sole-
plate cover without letting the appliance
cool down.


During use or while unit is heating or
cooling, do not rest appliance on its sole-
plate. Place product on its side on a firm,
heat resistant, flat surface, as soleplate
will be hot.


As the appliance heats the housing becomes warm.This is normal.


Dual voltage selection


The appliance can work on both, 120V
or 240V, AC systems.


Be sure the dual voltage selector (E) is in
the correct voltage position before oper-
ating. To do this, unplug the appliance
and turn the selector which is below the
handle with a coin, so it is aligned with
the correct voltage (either 120V or 240V).

Never change selector while unit is plugged in.


This is a 120/240 V dual voltage appliance and may be used in the
United States and abroad without an electricity converter.
An adapter plug may be necessary when using appliance in foreign
countries. If needed, plug the steambrush into correct adapter plug
for the specific country and plug assembly into electrical outlet.

Dual voltage selector in wrong position


Rowenta Manuals Online

If the voltage selector is set to 240 V in a 120 V supply, the
performance of the Steambrush will be reduced.


Never set the voltage selector to 120 V in a 220–240 V supply, as
this can damage the product.


Before plugging in the Steam 'n Press fill the water tank (C) with water
as follows:

Remove the water tank


To remove the water tank, hold on to
the bottom half of the handle and slide
the top half of the handle away from
the appliance as shown.

120 V

240 V


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