Relay In A Box User Manual

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Page 10: 2 safety information, 3 setting the dc output voltage, 4 connections, 1 remote control via remote lines, 2 the metrohm remote socket, 3 the 731 relay box and remote lines, 4 connection cable


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2. Installation

Relay In A Box Pdf

Relay Box 731, Instructions for use


2 Installation

2.1 Instrument setup

The 731 Relay Box is supplied together with the specially packed
accessories in packaging containing shock-absorbing foam which
provides excellent protection. Please store this packaging as it guar-
antees damage-free transport of the instrument.

Please check immediately on receipt whether the shipment is com-
plete and undamaged (compare with delivery note and list of acces-
sories in section 6). If transport damage is established please refer
to section

5.1 'Warranty'.

The 731 Relay Box is a robust instrument and can therefore be used
even in rough conditions in factories and laboratories.
However, care should be taken that it is not exposed to a corrosive
atmosphere. Regular care of the instrument is essential if it is used
in rough surroundings.

If an instrument that has been stored at low temperatures is brought
into a heated room then the atmospheric humidity may cause water
to condense inside the instrument. In order to avoid damage to the
instrument, at least one hour should be allowed to elapse before it is
switched on.

Relay In A Box User Manual

2.1.1 Line supply

Relay In A Box Company

Follow the instructions given below for connection to the line supply.
If the instrument is operated with the line voltage incorrectly set
and/or the wrong line fuse there is a fire hazard!

Setting the line voltage
Before switching on the 731 Relay Box for the first time check that
the line voltage set on the instrument (see diagram on following

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Relay In A Box User Manual
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