Panasonic Av Receiver Vsx 832 User Manual

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Pioneer Vsx 832 Specs

AV Receiver VSX-1022-K VSX-822-K Operating Instructions. The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance. (VSX-1022 only). Mar 04, 2013  5.1 Channel Network Ready AV Receiver featuring AirPlay, HTC Connect, 4K Ultra HD Pass-through and MHL 2.0 Compatibility For more information: http://www.pio.



Connection and initial setup following


the instructions in the

“Wiring Navi” in AVNavigator

(Connection to the network is required

for the initial setup.)

Connect by following the instructions

in the “Wiring Navi” in AVNavigator

(For when the receiver is not to be

connected to a network.)

Connection and initial setup by

referring to this Quick Start Guide

It is unnecessary to read this guide for explanations;

will be explained in the “Wiring Navi”


in the “Operation Guide”.

will be conducted in the “Wiring Navi”,

so move on to

in this guide’

after “Wiring Navi” is completed.

Move on to

in this guide.

Connection and initial setup

Using AVNavigator

AVNavigator for Mac


Download “AVNavigator 2013.pkg” from


Launch “AVNavigator 2013.pkg” from the “Downloads”


Follow the instructions on the screen to install.


Launch “AVNavigator 2013”.

Vsx 832 Manual

• The file is located in the “Applications” folder just under

the hard disk (Macintosh HD).

• AVNavigator for Mac can be used with Mac OS X (10.7 or

10.8) .

AVNavigator for iPad


Download AVNavigator from the App Store.


Launch AVNavigator.

AVNavigator for Windows

Launch the desktop from the start screen (for Windows 8 only).


Load the included CD-ROM into your computer’s CD drive.

• If the CD-ROM’s top menu screen is not displayed,

double-click “MAIN_MENU.exe” on the CD-ROM.

• The CD-ROM’s top menu screen appears.

• This CD-ROM can be used with Microsoft




XP/Windows Vista




Pioneer Vsx 832 User Manual




• The supported browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10.

Pioneer Vsx 832 Reviews


Click “AVNavigator” on the “Installing Software” menu.


Follow the instructions on the screen to install.


Click [AVNavigator] on the desktop to launch AVNavigator.

Pioneer Receiver Vsx 823 Manual

• AVNavigator is launched and Wiring Navi starts up.

• Depending on the network or security settings on the

computer on which AVNavigator is to be installed,

AVNavigator’s functions may not work properly.

Enjoy easy multichannel playback with this unit in 3 steps:

Connecting up

Initial setup

Basic playback.

Convenient with easy connection and initial setup upon following the instructions displayed on-screen by installing AVNavigator.

• The Mac OS version of AVNavigator can be downloaded from
• The iPad version of AVNavigator can be downloaded from the App Store.
• The provided CD-ROM includes the Windows version of AVNavigator.

Start connecting by choosing one method from among the following in accordance with your play environment.

Quick Start

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