Nortel Networks Phone T7316 User Manual

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  1. Nortel Networks Phone T7316 Manual
  2. Nortel Networks Phone Manual

The User Guides available here will help you to program your T7316e Nortel/Avaya telephone and/or Nortel Networks phone and voicemail systems. The basic programming is the same for older or newer Nortel phone and voicemail systems. Note: To troubleshoot telephone system problems, please see the resources and video’s on our Service page. Time Change Instructions for Nortel Norstar Telephone Systems Time and Date. Press the following keys: FEATURE.8463. If you have a Nortel Integrated Voice Mail System, this will also update VOICE MAIL SYSTEM TIME as well. Changing the time on a Norstar system must be done using a display phone. Using a M7310 or T7316 the right 2.


Nortel Networks Phone T7316 Manual

ManualsNortel Networks T7316 User Manual, 2 pages
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Read manual Nortel Networks T7316 User Manual, 188 pages
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  • Preface
  • Telephone configuration overview
    • Telephone types
      • IP telephones and cordless handsets
    • Telephone buttons
    • One0015line and two-line displays
      • Buttons under the display
    • Labeling your telephone buttons
  • Answering calls
    • Understanding ring types
      • System ring indicators
    • Line buttons
    • Information about call display
      • Viewing call information for a specific call
    • Central answering position (CAP) module
    • Pick up a call ringing at another telephone
      • Group Pickup
      • Trunk Answer
    • Listen to a call as a group
  • Make a call
    • Using line pools
    • Select how you dial your calls
    • Receive a busy signal on an internal call
      • Priority Call
      • Ring Again
    • Create a conference call
  • Time-saving features
    • Autodial
      • Programming T7000 memory keys for auto dial
    • Last Number Redial
    • Programming speed dialing
    • Saved Number Redial
  • Handling calls
    • Use Hold
    • Transfer calls
    • Call Park
    • Managing system-wide calls using SWCA
      • Parking and retrieving calls on SWCA keys
      • Call interactions with SWCA controls
  • Forward your calls
    • Call Forward
      • Call Foward prompts
    • Line redirection
  • Communicating in the office
    • Paging in the office
    • Messages
      • Send a message
      • Reply to a message
      • Remove items from your message list
    • Voice Call
      • Voice Call Deny
  • Track your incoming calls
    • Call log
      • Create a password to your Call Log
  • Customize your telephone
    • Programming feature codes
    • Default button assignments
    • Move line buttons
  • Telephone features
    • Prevent calls from ringing at your telephone
      • Use Do Not Disturb
      • Turn Privacy on or off for a call
    • Handsfree and Mute
    • Background music
  • System features
    • ISDN
      • Network name display
    • Use alternate or scheduled services
    • Special telephones
      • Hotline
    • Host System dialing signals
    • Pulse or tone dialing
    • Access your system from an external location
      • Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
      • Maintain security
    • Service provider features
      • Call Forward
  • Hospitality Services
    • Types of telephones
      • Hospitality passwords
    • Alarm time (AL) feature
      • Setting the alarm time feature
    • Room occupancy
    • Room condition
  • Cordless telephones and features
    • Multiple-handset/base station, local
      • Companion features
    • Wireless IP telephones
      • Making calls
      • Releasing calls
      • Accessing call on Hold after hang up
      • Using the display menu
  • Troubleshooting alarm codes
    • Alarm codes
      • Test a digital telephone
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Nortel Networks Phone Manual

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