Nilfisk Alto Poseidon 2 User Manual

Posted : admin On 10/7/2021
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Nilfisk-ALTO POSEIDON 2-31 Manuals: Nilfisk-ALTO Washer POSEIDON 2-31 Operating instructions manual (14 pages) Nilfisk-ALTO Washer POSEIDON 2-31 Operation & user’s manual (14 pages) 5: Nilfisk-ALTO POSEIDON 3-36 Manuals.


The Always Dependable,
Silent Partner

A reliable and durable pressure washer offering low noise level

The most efficient and silent worker
in your company...

Not only does the Poseidon 5 Series offer a
major reduction in noise pollution, it also offers
high performance levels and cleaning efficiency.
Accessories make the Poseidon 5 Series an even
more effective and reliable work partner.

Detergent Dosing

The detergent-dosing system is
simple, thanks to a large and
clearly visible dosing button.
The system also offers pre-
cise detergent concentration

Sturdy Frame

The Poseidon 5 Series is mount-
ed on a sturdy and durable


” steel frame with lifting

Nilfisk Alto Vacuum

handles located on the front
and sides.

Optimal Stability

The Poseidon5 Series is stable
and easy to transport with two
large, wide wheels, shock absorb-
ers and two resting feet. The
features ensure optimal stabil-
ity, good ground clearance and
maneuverability over uneven
ground and stairs.


We have focused on making installation, preparation and use of the POSEIDON 5
Series as easy and quick as possible. All control and installation elements--such
as the on/off switch, detergent regulation, pressure/flow regulation and cou-
plings--are situated in one area, making life much easier. No time wasted; just
jump right in to cleaning.

Nilfisk Alto Poseidon 2


Nilfisk Alto Poseidon 2 Service Manual

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Nilfisk Alto Poseidon 2 User Manual
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