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Nikon sb-25 speedlight camera flash factory manual in good condition. This manual includes operating instructions, features, and specifications for the nikon sb-25 speedlight camera flash unit for use with nikon cameras. This 142 page manual measures 7' by 5'. The SB-28 is designed for use with Nikon cameras, lenses, and accessories. —Using cameras or accessories other than those specified by Nikon may damage the SB-28. —Nikon cannot be held responsible for malfunctions caused by using the SB-28 in ways not specified in this manual, or using the SB-28 with a camera made by another manufacturer.



Multiple flash shooting using cords

The SB-600 can be used with Speedlights compatible with the TTL auto flash
mode to perform multiple flash shooting using cords.

• When using a Speedlight that has a standby function as a remote flash unit, make sure

that the standby function is set to off, or select a standby duration that is long enough
by using the Custom Settings.

• Use of the SB-50DX and SB-23 as remote flash units is not recommended, because the

standby function cannot be canceled.

• Speedlights SB-11, SB-14, SB-140, and SB-21B cannot be used with the F-401/N4004

or F-401s/N4004s as either master or remote flash units.

• There is no limitation in usable cameras.
• With cameras compatible with CLS and digital SLRs not compatible with CLS, Manual

flash operation only is possible.

Be sure to cancel the master flash unit’s Monitor
Preflashes setting

When shooting with multiple flash using cords in the TTL mode, cancel the
master flash unit’s Monitor Preflashes setting by following one of the methods
described below. Monitor Preflashes can cause incorrect exposures.

• Set the SU-4 type wireless multiple

flash mode

• Set the wireless flash mode.

• Set the flash mode to Standard TTL


• Tilt the flash head up.
• Use a non-CPU lens.

• Set the camera’s exposure mode to

Manual (M)

• Cancel the master flash unit’s Monitor Preflashes setting when performing

SU-4 type wireless multiple flash operation using the SB-600 as a master
flash unit. For details, refer to instruction manuals provided with the Wireless
Slave Flash Controller SU-4 and Speedlights (such as SB-800) featuring SU-4
type multiple flash operation.


SB-80DX, SB-50DX

SB-800, SB-600, SB-80DX,
SB-50DX, SB-28, SB-28DX,
SB-27, SB-26, SB-25

Built-in Speedlight

(F80-Series/N80-Series, F75-Series/
N75-Series, F70-Series/N70)

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Nikon Sb 5000 Review

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anced oper


The maximum number of flash units to be connected
using cords

• Up to five units including the master flash unit can be used for multiple flash

photography at a total cable length of 10m (33 ft.).

• Make sure the combined total of the coefficients in the table below for all flash units

used together does not exceed 20 at 20°C (68°F) or 13 at 40°C (104°F).

• If it exceeds these figures, you may not be able to take a second shot after the first one.

In this case, turn off the power of all flash units and reduce the total number of flash
units connected.



SB-800, SB-600, SB-80DX, SB-50DX, SB-30, SB-29, SB-29s, SB-28,
SB-28DX, SB-27, SB-26, SB-25, SB-24, SB-22s, SB-14, SB-11, SB-140


SB-23, SB-21, SB-17, SB-16, SB-15






Nikon Sb 27

Notes on multiple flash shooting using cords

• Be sure to see the instruction manuals of your cameras, Speedlights, and accessories.
• Use the optional Multi-Flash Adapter AS-10, if the remote flash units are not equipped

with multiple flash terminals.

• Use the optional Multi-Flash Adapter AS-10 to attach the remote flash unit(s) to a tripod.
• Use the optional TTL Multi-Flash Sync Cords SC-27, SC-26, SC-19 or SC-18 to connect

the SB-600 to more than one remote flash unit.

• Multiple flash shooting using cords can be performed in two modes: (1) TTL multiple

flash; and (2) Manual multiple flash. Performing multiple flash shooting in the Manual
mode, however, is not recommended, since it is difficult to obtain the correct exposure.
Use the TTL auto flash mode with cameras compatible with TTL auto flash.

Nikon Speedlight Sb-25 Manual

• To ensure proper exposure, make test shots before shooting important events.

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