Msi Z97s Krait Edition Motherboard User Manual

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Chapter 3


BOIS Setup


BIOS Setup

Entering Setup


The default settings offer the optimal performance for system stability in normal

conditions. You may need to run the Setup program when:

■ An error message appears on the screen during the system booting up, and

requests you to run SETUP.

■ You want to change the default settings for customized features.


Please clear the CMOS data and restore the default settings if the system becomes

unbootable after changing BIOS settings. (Refer to the Clear CMOS jumper/ button

section to clear the CMOS data, select the 'Restore Defaults' and press <Enter> in

BIOS to load the default settings.)

If you are unfamiliar with the BIOS settings, we recommend that you keep the

default settings to avoid possible system damage or failure booting due to

inappropriate BIOS configuration.

Entering BIOS Setup

Power on the computer and the system will start the Power On Self Test (POST)

process. When the message below appears on the screen, press <DEL> key to enter


Press <Del> to run BIOS setup, or <F11> to run boot menu

If the message disappears before you respond and you still need to enter BIOS,

restart the system by turning the computer OFF then back ON or pressing the RESET

Msi Z97s Sli Krait Edition Bios

button. You may also restart the system by simultaneously pressing <Ctrl>, <Alt>, and

<Delete> keys.

MSI additionally provides two methods to enter the BIOS setup. You can click the

“GO2BIOS” tab on “MSI Fast Boot” utility screen or press the physical “GO2BIOS'

button (optional) on the motherboard to enable the system going to BIOS setup

directly at next boot.

Click 'GO2BIOS' tab on

'MSI Fast Boot' utility


Z97s Sli Krait Edition


Please be sure to install the “MSI Fast Boot” utility before using it to enter the BIOS

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Msi Z97s Sli Krait Edition Manual

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