Motwane Det-20 User Manual Pdf

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Spectra precision det -2 electronic theodolite, Det-2 applications


Extra Large Characters and Simple Control Panel

Full Featured Angle Measuring

Digital Electronic Theodolite

The Spectra Precision


DET-2 is a rugged, cost-

effective theodolite designed to give accurate
angle measurements in general construction
applications. The affordable, versatile, easy to
use instrument and accessories will increase
your productivity when turning angles and setting
elevations and lines.
The DET-2 has a large liquid crystal display on
both sides of the instrument with big, easy to read
characters. A built-in reticle illuminator and LCD
back-lighting can be turned on if needed in low
light conditions with a single press of a button.
A six button keypad provides easy access to
the most common functions. An optical plummet
allows quick setup over a control point. Simple
intuitive operation will have your crew in the field
being productive without any special training.
A 2” accuracy specification along with vertical
axis compensation ensures the DET-2 will be
accurate enough for your most demanding job
requirements. High quality optics and a 30x
magnification telescope with a short minimum
focus distance provides for clear, sharp viewing
at both long and very short distances.
Various display modes ensure the operator has
the most efficient settings for the job at hand.
Angle display readings of 1” or 5” are selectable
to meet any operator’s preferences for fast
readings. The horizontal angle hold and clockwise
or counterclockwise angle measurement can be
selected with one touch of a button. Setting the
horizontal angle to “0” is also a simple, single
press of a button. The vertical angle can be
instantly converted to percent of grade.

A setup mode allows user customization of the
unit. The options include turning the audible
tones on or off for right angle notification, units
of angle measurement of degree, gon, or mil, and
selection of the vertical angle zero position.
Basic distance measurement can be easily
calculated using the stadia hairs on the telescope.
The DET-2 comes equipped with both a NiMH
rechargeable battery pack and charger and an
alkaline battery pack that utilizes 4 standard
AA sized batteries. The rechargeable batteries
are efficient and lower operating costs, but the
alkaline backup is the perfect solution when
there is not enough charge to finish a project.


battery packs have a positive action locking knob
for confident, secure fitting on the instrument.
Battery strength is indicated on the LCD’s for
efficient planning. An automatic shut-off can be
selected for higher battery efficiency.
The DET-2 has an IP54 environmental rating and
is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of
the construction jobsite.
Each DET-2 comes equipped with a plumb bob,
NiMH rechargeable battery pack and charger,
alkaline battery pack, adjustment tools, rain hood,
multi-language user guide, and a hard-shell
carrying case.

DET-2 Applications

Establishing 90 degree

reference lines

Checking angles,

Motwane Det-20 User Manual

alignment, and plumb

Anchor bolt alignment

Gravity flow pipe laser


Steel column placement

Alignment of forms, tilt-up

walls, and curtain walls

Basic grade work

Short range leveling

Spectra Precision DET

Motwane Det-20 User Manual Pdf


Electronic Theodolite

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