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Posted : admin On 10/7/2021
  1. Mesa Boogie Stiletto Deuce Manual
I bought this amp lightly used about three years ago. It has lived happily in my basement since then and has been my core practice and pedal-testing amp. It loves pedals *except* for treble boosters (I don't know why, but I've played three TB's through this amp and never had a good-sounding result). The short of this amplifier is that it's Mesa's 'hot rodded Marshall' amp. It's got 5 12AX7 preamp tubes/valves in it (none of which I have changed), three rectifier valves/tubes (the middle one of which I changed in summer 2016, and have had no issues with since), and six new EL34 power valves/tubes, which were put in at Uncle Albert's Amps, Indy's most renowned tube/valve amp shop. The EL34s have less than ten hours playing time on them.
This is the Stiletto Trident, so it has 50w and 150w modes (switchable by toggle on front), with two or all six EL34's engaged. It's a master volume amp with an optional 'solo' lead boost, but you can also switch out the solo/master/effects loop with a switch on the back. You can choose silicon diodes or valves for rectification. The effects loop has send and return and volume. There is also a slave out, on the back. The EQ is standard Mesa: presence, bass, mids, treble. There are dual speaker outs for 8 ohms and for 4 ohms, and the manual claims that Stiletto is not choosy about what it's plugged into, and that one should experiment (so you have to know how ohms add up for your cab/s).
The metal bar on the back is currently not screwed on; I'll get screws for it and attach it before I ship it. There is also some slight rust on the top grate (hard to see in the photo).
The video is spot-on about the six various voices of this amp (2 channels, 3 voices each, toggle-able on the front) and is, aside from the usual YouTube compression, a good demonstration of the sounds, also. In short, the voices are these:
Channel 1, fat clean: a blues-worthy clean. Grits up with the gain turned up.
Channel 1, tite clean: funk-worthy, very clean clean. Fenderish.
Channel 1, crunch: same as the one on Channel 2, but voiced differently. You can get Marshall Plexi here, but also Vox chimey sort of tones with the gain down and volume up.
Channel 2, crunch: this is 'crunchier' than the voicing on Channel 1 and can get into classic Marshall territory, also Santana style leads on the neck pickup.
Channel 2, tite gain: this is distortion central. Anything from 70s classic rock through late 80s Metallica lives here.
Channel 2, fluid drive: several gain stages are added for this, and it is thick and heavy. Chords thicken up, and with good low bass management, you can get chugga-chugga (or close to it). The lead tone here is super fat but I find that it never gets that metal 'chainsaw' sound, not even with a lot of treble (although the video I think finds it better than I could).
Another word about volume: I find this amp to sound like itself really only with the channel and/or master volumes at 11 o'clock or higher. You can go lower with higher-gain, but when these came out, there were a lot of forum complaints about ice-picky highs, and I also got that result *until* I turned the amp up. Eventually I got an attenuator which allowed me to play at workable volume and not be heard all the way down the street. Mesa calls this a concert quality head, and it is one. As should be obvious, hitting a power chord in 'fluid drive' at 150w is that 'Best Feeling in the World' that guitar shops advertise. That's actually the reason I bought this amp: I wanted the sound of 'big iron,' just so I could say I'd been there. It sounds great, but now with getting my rig figured out the way I want, it's too much amplifier.
You'll get the Stiletto head, a power cord, a cover for the amp, a Switch Doctor footswitch with cable, and the manual, which I think has some really cool settings from the factory in it.

Mesa Boogie Stiletto Deuce Manual

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  1. Page 3 MESA/Boogie Mark II-C MAITENANCE & REPAIR INTRODUCTION Malfunctions can usually be cured quickly and easily and, in most cases, a trip to the repair shop is not necessary. Your Boogie was designed to be reliable, as well as versatile, and simple to service. Page 4 socket if the trouble remains uncured. It helps to have the Boogie up on a.
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Mesa Boogie Stiletto Trident User Manual

Sep 30, 2016  Mesa Boogie Stilleto Trident. Discussion in 'Other Amps. Marshall guy,so I have many.Ironically my first post is in support of my mesa stilleto deuce 1.Dont know about the trident.durden but Im glad I tried one locally from private seller and got it for dirt cheap.I almost didnt because of all the negative reviews about it being too bright.