Mele F10 Pro User Manual Pdf

Posted : admin On 10/6/2021

An application to use Mele F10 Pro on XBMC in Win7,8,8.1

Support links of Casio Smart Outdoor Watch. Manuals, and other information about operational procedures and use. Mar 04, 2016  How to prevent the Mele F10 pro controller sound issue The Mele F10 pro controller comes with built in sound but it's designed specifically for the Mele TV box and doesn't work on other makes. When connected to other boxes, it causes android to switch to the Mele F10 sound card which disrupts video playback (stuttering) and there's no sound. Dec 08, 2016  It is Mele F10 Deluxe 2.4GHz Portable Wireless Air Mouse Keyboard Built - in Lithium Battery for Windows XP 7 8 Vista Linux Mac. System support Android,Mac OS,Windows 2000,Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows XP. You can use it for an Android TV BOX MECOOL BB2 PRO. Please feel free to contact us if further questions.Thank you for your attention.


Mele F10 Pro it's an nice Air Mouse that works pretty good in Android but have no support for Windows so using it in XBMC system on wintel it's pratically impossible.The remote sends commands that cannot be easily identified because are outside common standards so programs that remap keys will not work.
Here's this application, just start up it when your windows starts (it will appear in application bar) and it will intercep nicely only Mele F10 Pro commands and translate in other commands.

Here's the commands translated:

Mele F10 Pro User Manual Pdf

Keyboard: No changes, will work as usual
Mouse: No changes, act as normal mouse

The only changes are:
'+' became '+' so it will increase volume on XBMC
'-' became '-' so it will decrese volume on XBMC
'Light' became c so it will act as information on XBMC
'Speaker' will be bar so it will pause/unpause on XBMC
'The key behind -' (don't know name) will be esc
'Telefone up' will be Backspace
'Telephone down' will be Tab
<< and >> will be as they should be, fast back and fast forward.'House' will be top

So with this app the XBMC will not require any modification or special extension and your system not need any driver modification.
The app can left on since it will not interfere and not uses resources.

If you have better ideas about mapping let me know and I make changes and recompile the exes

Mele F10 Pro Manual

There's 2 executables, one for 32 bit systems and one for 64 bit Wint systems, NO Apple support, never, so don't ask!
Checked and works perfect on Win32 bit and Win64 (windows7).

Mele F10 Pro Manual Pdf

Update 1/6/2014:I continue receive requests for an Apple version of this app but as I said I will never write this app for Apple, sorry.I have a couple of Apple stuff but I will never help a company that not support developers and build the most obsolete computers in the history, I know, we can discuss for years about that but this is what I'm think about. I will release the linux version soon but will never work with apple because it relies on frameworks that apple avoid and will never use and of course it will check for apple ones.

Licence: GNU