Konica Minolta Cl 200a User Manual

Posted : admin On 10/7/2021

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  1. Konica minolta cl-200a Is Similar To: CA-210 Konica Minolta (40.4% similar) This device has a luminance measuring range starting at cd m2. This device can measure distances as short as 20 40mm making it ideal for compact systems.
  2. The Konica Minolta compact and lightweight CL 500A illuminance spectrophotometer is used for the evaluation of LED and EL and other next-generation lamps.

Compact and easy to carry

The CL:200A's compact
body fits in your palm.
Battery-powered so it can
be taken along and used

Detachable receptor head

The receptor head can be detached and then
connected to the main body using a normal LAN
cable*, making it easy to install the sensor in an
inspection system.

* Optional Adapter Units required for receptor head and

main body

Data transfer using main

body buttons

When using the CL-200A with Data Management
Software CL-S10w (included), measurements can be
taken and data transferred to Excel


using the main

body buttons as well as computer keys.

Easy, convenient Excel



Konica Minolta Cl-200a Manual

Measurement data from the CL-200A can be transferred directly
into Excel

Konica Minolta Cl 500a



. The transferred data can then be managed freely

within Excel



Includes LED ranking function

Color variations, the top topic in the LED industry, can be quantified
and a ranking function is also provided.

JIS correlated color temperature

Correlated color temperature is determined using the equations
defined by JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards).

Multi-point measurement and

user calibration also possible

Multi-point measurement management using up to 30 receptor
heads is possible.
User calibration function enables compensation of measurement
values to match a desired standard. Calibration can be performed
by two methods: Single-point calibration or RGB calibration.



add-in software included






Data Management Software


(Standard accessory)

Konica minolta cl-200 manual

De facto industry standard for measuring

color temperature!

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Konica Minolta Cl 200a

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