Hunter Xc Watering System User Manual

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Hunter XC Owners Manual And Programming Instructions. Residential irrigation controller. The XC allows the user to program the controller so that the sensor from the lowest to the highest. Can I get a manual on this Hunter Sprinkler System. Mar 24, 2016  Turn the dial to 'Manual One Stat. Skip navigation Sign in. How to change watering days for Hunter X-Core controller https. What high water pressure sprinkler system looks like. Easy-to-understand owner's manuals and instruction sheets make installing and programming Hunter products a simple task. Our manuals contain clear illustrations, easy to read fonts, and are written by the engineers and product managers that brought the products to life. Nov 08, 2011  This segment goes over basic programming of the X-Core residential irrigation controller. Setting the current time and day, start times, run times, and days to water will be explained.

Page 22: Setting event day(s) off, Programming the controller


Selecting interval watering, Setting event day(s) off, Automatic watering – Hunter XC User Manual Page 13: System off, Programmable rain off, Programming the controller.


proGrammING THE CoNTrollEr

setting Event Day(s) off

The X-Core allows you to program a No Water Day(s). This feature

is useful to inhibit watering on specific day(s). For example, if you

always mow the lawn on Saturdays, you would designate Saturday

as a no Water Day so that you are not mowing wet grass.
1. Turn the dial to the WAteR DAys position.
2. Enter an interval watering schedule as described on page 19.
3. Press the

button to scroll to the no Water Days at the bottom

of the display. MO will be flashing.

4. Use the

button until the cursor is at the day of the week you

wish to set as a No Water Day.

5. Press the

button to set this day as a no water day. The will

illuminate over this day.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all desired event day(s) are off.

NoTE: you also have the option in the interval
watering schedule to program Odd or even days off.

automatic Watering

After programming the X-Core, set the dial to the RUn

position to enable automatic execution of all selected

watering programs and start times.

system off

Valves currently watering will be shut off after

the dial is turned to the systeM OFF position

for two seconds. All active programs are

discontinued and watering is stopped. To return

the controller to normal automatic operation,

simply return the dial to the RUn position.

Hunter Xc Irrigation Controller Manual

programmable rain off

This feature permits the user to stop all

programmed waterings for a designated period

from 1 to 7 days. At the end of the programmed

rain off period, the controller will resume normal

automatic operation.
1. Turn the dial to the systeM OFF position.

Wait for OFF to be displayed.

2. Press the

button as many times as

needed to set the number of days off

(up to 7 days).

3. Turn the dial back to the RUN position at

which OFF, a number, the



will be displayed.

The days off remaining will decrease at midnight

each day. When it goes to zero, the display will

show normal time of day and normal irrigation


will resume at the next scheduled start time.





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