Hp Proliant Dl380 G4 User Manual

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Page 81: Array configuration utility, Configuring, Online spare memory, Array diagnostic


Software and configuration utilities 81

HP ProLiant DL380 Generation 5 Server User Guide October 2006 (Third Edition) Part Number 403166-003.

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Hp proliant dl380 g4 installation guide

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Hp proliant dl380 g5 manual

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To change any ORCA default settings and override the auto-configuration process, press the F8 key when

By default, the auto-configuration process configures the system for the English language. To change any
default settings in the auto-configuration process (such as the settings for language, operating system, and
primary boot controller), execute RBSU by pressing the F9 key when prompted. After the settings are
selected, exit RBSU and allow the server to reboot automatically.

For more information, refer to the HP ROM-Based Setup Utility User Guide on the Documentation CD or
the HP website (

Boot options

After the auto-configuration process completes, or after the server reboots upon exit from RBSU, the POST
sequence runs, and then the boot option screen is displayed. This screen is visible for several seconds
before the system attempts to boot from a diskette, CD, or hard drive. During this time, the menu on the
screen allows you to install an operating system or make changes to the server configuration in RBSU.

BIOS Serial Console

BIOS Serial Console allows you to configure the serial port to view POST error messages and run RBSU
remotely through a serial connection to the server COM port. The server that you are remotely configuring
does not require a keyboard and mouse.

For more information about BIOS Serial Console, refer to the BIOS Serial Console User Guide on the
Documentation CD or the HP website (

Configuring online spare memory

To configure online spare memory:


Install the required DIMMs.


Access RBSU by pressing the F9 key during power-up when the prompt is displayed in the upper
right corner of the screen.


Select System Options.


Select Advanced Memory Protection.


Select Online Spare with Advanced ECC Support.


Press the Enter key.


Press the Esc key to exit the current menu, or press the F10 key to exit RBSU.

For more information on online spare memory, refer to the white paper on the HP website

Array Configuration Utility

ACU is a browser-based utility with the following features:

Runs as a local application or remote service

Supports online array capacity expansion, logical drive extension, assignment of online spares, and
RAID or stripe size migration

Suggests the optimum configuration for an unconfigured system

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Hp Proliant Dl380 G5 Manual

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Installation 9


Completing the operating system installation


Before powering up the server and configuring the operating system software,

connect the server hardware as described in the server user guide. Do not install additional

hardware devices until after the software installation is complete.


If the system prompts you for an installation path for files to be copied during the

installation of additional hardware or software components, enter the path

C:Windows SBS

2003 R2I386

for the original files. If the system prompts you for HP driver files, enter the



. Driver files are located in subdirectories in this path. To view the directory,

click Browse.


To successfully complete the software installation, TCP/IP services must be

installed and the server must be connected to an active network connection.


Power up the server.


At the HP Welcome screen, press the appropriate key to continue. The server software license screen


Read all software license agreements provided with the server, and press the appropriate key to
accept the HP license agreement.


Select the Typical or Custom disk space option. The Typical option sets the partition size to 8 GB,
and the Custom option enables you to set the partition size from at least 8 GB to the maximum disk



Follow the online prompts. Several status screens appear during the software installation, describing
the process.

For step-by-step installation procedures and helpful tips for setting up the server, see the Completing Setup
for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2


The server requires a reboot at the end of the installation. Do not power down the

server at any time during the installation process. Any power interruption during the installation
process could prevent proper completion of the installation and prevent the operating system

from restarting.


You can view and print the EULA after the installation is completed by clicking Start

and selecting All Programs>Pre-Install Features>EULA.

Signed drivers

During the installation of the operating system, caution messages concerning unsigned software drivers

might appear. The caution message states, 'Digital signature is not found,' when drivers are about to be

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Hp Proliant Dl380 G7 Manual

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Hp Proliant Dl380 G4 Manual

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