Grade Severity Rating System Users Manual

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Grade severity rating system (GSRS): users manual. By 1943- Brian L. (Brian Lee) Bowman, United States. Federal Highway Administration.Cover title.Includes bibliographical references.Users manual.Sponsored by Federal Highway Administration, Office of Safety & Traffic Operations Research and Development.Mode of access: Internet.

Severity rating scale
...A couple of years ago we reviewed our Severity Occurence Detection Ranking.
A broad difference existed in using scales of 1 to 10.
As a improvement the scales were refined to 1 to 5.
Thus I have a Max RPN of 125.
This has worked fine and provides good repeatability of classification for different users and team members...

Microsoft Severity Rating System

Out of curiosity and because it isn't clear from your initial post, are your criteria equivalent to the full range of the ratings suggested in the FMEA manual? Or do your criteria not use the full range, on the basis that your products would never use the higher values?Severity rating scale
Re-worded: Are your '5' ratings the same description as '10' in the FMEA manual or are your '5' ratings the same as the '5' in the manual?

Severity Rating Scale

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