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Product Owner's Manuals Download copies of owner's manuals for current and archived Fender products. Nov 22, 2015  G-DEC. 'according to the instruction manual for the G-DEC 30, one of its features allow you.' 'I don't have the answer but I do agree the info from fender it. Fender G-DEC 30 User's Manual (0 people out of 1 found this document helpful. View all Guitar Amplifiers Products » « Go back to Fender Guitar Amplifiers product. Fender G-DEC 30.



f e n d e r . c o m




f e n d e r . c o m

f e n d e r . c o m

O. POWER—Switches the G–DEC 30 on-off.

P. POWER CORD SOCKET—Connect your G–DEC 30 to a

grounded A/C outlet using the included power cord.

Q. FUSE—Protects your G–DEC 30 from electrical faults.

Replace a blown fuse only with the type and rating

specified below the fuse holder. To remove the fuse

holder: Unplug the G–DEC 30 power cord from the socket

to expose the fuse holder. Use a small screwdriver to pry

out the fuse holder using the notch on top.

R. EXT SPKR—Auxiliary output for an external speaker

Fender G Dec 30 Reviews

cabinet. Your speaker should be rated for 30 watts, 8 ohms


S. LINE OUT LEFT / RIGHT—Line level stereo outputs suitable

for connection to recording or sound reinforcement


Fender g dec manual

T. FOOTSWITCH—Connect the (optional) 4-button

footswitch (p/n 0994070000) here for remote functions

(see page 13).

U. MIDI IN / OUT—The G–DEC 30 is well equipped to

handle a number of useful MIDI functions. MIDI stands for

“Musical Instrument Digital Interface” which is a language

that lets multiple digital musical items (keyboards,

effects, synthesizers, computers, etc.) communicate

with each other. This manual can’t possibly cover all the

MIDI possibilities you may encounter. If you desire more

information, visit http://www.midi.org online or search for

“MIDI” using your favorite search engine. See page 14 for

basic G–DEC 30 MIDI functions. Log on to fender.com for

additional MIDI resources.

Fender G Dec 30 Specs

R. AUX IN—Auxiliary input for your CD or MP3 player.

Playback music through your G–DEC 30 for accompaniment

or to learn songs. Connect the (headphones) output on

your player to the AUX IN “RCA” jacks using the proper

Fender G Dec 30 Updates

cable or adapter. You can select an auxiliary mix and

adjust the auxiliary input level through the Aux Mode

menus (see page 11).

Fender G-dec 30 Instruction Manual

S. INPUT—An extra input for an instructor or a friend to plug

Fender G Dec 30 Manual Pdf


Rear Panel


Fender G Dec 30 Manual

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