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Caring For Your Donvier


To clean your Donvier,


wash the Chillfast

cylinder in warm, soapy water with a soft


cloth or sponge. Rinse and wipe dry. Do not

use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners.

Never place freezer cylinder in the dishwasher.

To make ice cream at a moment’s notice,

store cylinder upright in the freezer.

Freeze cylinder for at least seven hours or

overnight. For best results, freezer tempera-

Premier Donvier Ice Cream Maker

ture should be at least 0 F (-18 C). You may

need to set your freezer to a colder setting.

Do not freeze the Donvier’s plastic parts.

Do not handle frozen cylinder with wet

hands, or allow children to use the machine

without supervision.

Donvier Ice Cream Recipes Booklet

The Chillfast refrigerant used in the Donvier

cylinder is completely safe and non-toxic.

Making Donvier


Ice Cream

Remove metal Chillfast cylinder from the freezer.

Place flexible plastic ring over the cylinder rim

and press down piece by piece with your fingers.









Line up the arrows on the cylinder rim and

on the outer case and place chilled cylinder

in case. It should fit snugly.

Fit the bottom of the blade into the shallow

hole in the cylinder.


Pour chilled ice cream mixture into the

Chillfast cylinder.

Place lid on the cylinder, aligning the arrow

on the cylinder ring with the “lock” tab on

the lid.

Lock lid by turning it counter-clockwise into

position. Immediately attach handle and turn

it clockwise slowly 3-4 times.

Let mixture sit for 2-3 minutes, then turn

handle clockwise again 2-3 times. Repeat for

15-20 minutes, until handle is difficult to turn.

If not serving immediately, remove handle

and blade and plug the lid opening with the

plastic cap, which snaps into the top of the

handle. Do not let children play with the cap.

At this point, your ice cream will be soft. For

harder ice cream, leave the cap on for up

to 30 minutes. For hard-packed ice cream,

transfer ice cream to a separate container,

cover and freeze for 1 hour.

Place leftover ice cream in a separate

container and store in the freezer.

Helpful Hints

The metal Chillfast cylinder must be com-

pletely frozen.

Once the cylinder has been removed from

the freezer, use within 10 minutes.

For maximum volume, pre-chill ice cream

mixtures. Make cooked mixtures at least

one day ahead.

For richer, creamier ice cream, add more

cream and less milk.

Donvier Ice Cream Maker Recipe







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