Dimplex Electric Fireplace Dfg3033 User Manual

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Fireplace Installation

  • Dimplex media consoles combine an ambient fireplace with an entertainment center to create the ultimate room focal point. Now you can have your fireplace and entertainment centre in the same space for optimal enjoyment.
  • IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Always read this manual first before attempting to install or use this fireplace. For your safety, always comply with all warnings and safety instructions contained in this manual to prevent personal injury or property damage. To view the full line of Dimplex products, please visit.
Dimplex Electric Fireplace Dfg3033 User Manual

Dimplex DFG3033 Owner's Manual. Dimplex indoor fireplace user manual (19 pages). Warranty applies to What this limited warranty covers and the following model of your newly for how long purchased Dimplex electric fireplace DFg3033 and to newly purchased products, other than fireplace Dimplex fireplace surrounds (mantels) surrounds. View and Download Dimplex DF3003 owner's manual online. DF3003 Indoor Fireplace pdf manual download. Indoor Fireplace Dimplex DF3033ST User Manual. Dimplex electric fireplace (14 pages). Welcome & Congratulations Thank you and congratulations for choosing to purchase an electric fireplace from Dimplex, the world leader in electric. Dimplex Fireplace DFG3033 User Manual. Quick reference guide, Site selection and preparation. Dimplex Kiln. Manuals Directory ManualsDir.com - online owner manuals library. Of fire, electric shock or injury to. Construction and electrical. Outlet wiring must comply with. Local building codes and other.

Mark the desired location


on the floor and store the

fireplace in a safe, dry and

dust free location.
use studs to frame an


opening of 31 ¾ inches (807

mm) wide x 22 ¾ inches (578

mm) high x 9 ½ inches (241

mm) deep.

Option #1 - The power cord can

be lead from behind the trim and

along the wall to an outlet near

the fireplace.
Option #2 - a new outlet can be

installed inside the new frame

construction. Plug the unit into

a 15 amp, 120 volt outlet. If the

cord does not reach, you may

use an extension cord rated for a

minimum of 1875 Watts.
Option #3 - hardwire

Wire a dedicated, properly


fused circuit with 120 volt,


amp rating. allow up to eight

(8) feet (2.4 m) of service

cable for connecting power

supply to junction box on

fireplace when installing after

finishing wall.

CAUTION: use two

Dimplex Electric Fireplaces Troubleshooting

conductor, non-metallic sheath

cable with ground wire (three

(3) wires total) for the incoming

power supply on fireplace inserts.

use appropriate wire to meet

local and national electrical codes

for rated power consumption.

Remove the outer jacket and


strip the individual conductor

from the end.
Loosen the screw securing


the junction box cover and

remove the cover.

Figure 2

Figure 3

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When using electrical appliances,

basic precautions should always

be followed to reduce the risk of

fire, electric shock, and injury to

persons, including the following:

Read all instructions before

using the electric fireplace.

The heater is hot when in use.

To avoid burns, do not let bare

skin touch hot surfaces. The

trim around the heater outlet

becomes hot during heater

operation. Keep combustible

materials, such as furniture,

pillows, bedding, papers, clothes,

and curtains at least three (3) feet

(0.9 m) from the front of the unit.

Extreme caution is necessary

when any heater is used by or

near children or invalids and

whenever the unit is left operating

and unattended.

always unplug the electric

fireplace when not in use.

Do not operate any unit with

a damaged cord or plug, or if

the heater has malfunctioned,

or if the electric fireplace has

been dropped or damaged in

any manner. Return heater

to authorized service facility


for examination, electrical or

mechanical adjustment, or repair.

Dimplex Electric Fireplaces Operators Manual

Do not use outdoors.

The electric fireplace is not

intended for use in bathrooms,

laundry areas and similar indoor

locations. never locate heater

where it may fall into a bathtub or

other water container.

Do not run the cord under

carpeting. Do not cover cord with

throw rugs, runners, or the like.

Arrange cord away from traffic

area and where it will not be

tripped over.

To disconnect the unit, turn

the controls off, then remove the

plug from the outlet.

Do not insert or allow foreign

Dimplex Electric Fireplace Remote Manual

objects to enter any ventilation

or exhaust opening as this may

cause an electric shock or fire, or

damage to the heater.

To prevent a possible fire, do

not block air intake or exhaust

in any manner. Do not use on

soft surfaces, like a bed, where

openings may become blocked.

all electrical heaters have

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