Commercial Cool 14000 Btu User Manual

Posted : admin On 10/6/2021

With the increasing popularity of the Haier portable ACs, we decided to review the largest model this company offers. This is the 14,000 BTU, Haier HPN14XCM portable air conditioner. This unit provides many must-have features and very few drawbacks. If you’re looking for a portable air conditioner to cool a large room up 700 square feet, this review will help you determine if the HPN14XCM is the right purchasing decision.

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  2. Commercial Cool 14000 Btu Manual

The following review specifically covers the Haier HPN14XCM 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner. But if this model is too large for your space, Haier offers smaller units with many of the same great features. Reviews for these other articles can be found here on by clicking on one of the links below.

14,000 BTU Portable Heat/Cool Dual Hose AC, Electronic w/ Remote. Use and Care Manual; Product Features. Cool, Heat, Fan and Dehumidify Modes. Cool the room, heat the room, circulate the air or reduce humidity all in one unit. View More Features. Specs & Details.

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  • 2 Haier HPN14XCM 14,000 BTU 3-in-1 Functions
  • 7 Can I install this AC without help?
  • 9 Does this unit need routine maintenance?
  • 10 Is the Haier HPN14XCM 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Environmentally-Friendly?

Haier HPN14XCM 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner List of Features

  • 3-in-1 functions
    • You can use the AC, or the dehumidifier, or the fan as separate appliances
  • Continuous Evaporation system
    • Less maintenance, less worry
  • 3 fans speeds
    • Adjust the air flow exactly how you like
  • Washable mesh filter
    • Protects the air conditioner from harmful dust and saves you money on replacements
  • 6 ft Power cord
    • Allows for better accessibility to the outlet when installing the unit
  • 5 foot, extendable exhaust hose
    • Adds flexibility and reduces time of the installation
  • 24-hour Timer
    • Turn the unit on/off when desired
  • Remote Control
    • Operate the unit from the comfort of bed or couch
  • Caster Wheels and Handles
    • Better portability during installation or when moving the unit to a different room

Haier HPN14XCM 14,000 BTU 3-in-1 Functions

The 3-in-1 capabilities means that you get features of three different individual appliances in this one unit. These features are the fan, the air conditioner, and the dehumidifier.

A 3-in-1 model provides versatility as well as saves you money by eliminating the need to buy different appliances. In addition, if you live in an apartment or small home, you’ll appreciate not having to find space to store three different, separate items – the fan, dehumidifier and an air conditioner – when they are not in use.

Cooling Capacity

The Haier HPN14XCM 14,000 BTU portable from is a capable air conditioning unit that works best in mid-size rooms. Haier states it can effectively cool rooms in the range or 550 – 700 ft².

Although we have found that many ACs cannot live up to their stated, top-end capacity 700 ft² in this case, we did not find many complaints with this model.

Temperature Range Setting

The unit supports a range of 61 – 89 °F which can be set either through the LED display on the front of the unit or by using the remote control. The low side of the range provided by the Haier HPN14XCM is great especially if you love it cold.

“This unit is far superior to units I have purchased in the past. The unit cools so quickly, and to me, this is very important. The reason I must write this review is to tell everyone, how QUIET it is! I am a very comfortable and happy consumer.”

Dehumidifier Function

The dehumidifying capability of the Haier HPN14XCM portable air conditioner is really amazing. This portable air conditioner can remove approximately 110 pints of water from the air in your home every 24 hours. This is over 13 gallons.

With the AC running, your space will feel dryer in no time and, this AC will keep it dry. This is important since a dry home will reduce the chances of mold and mildew growing. Therefore, the dehumidifier function provides a healthier living environment for you and your children.

Does the Haier HPN14XCM 14,000 BTU have an Auto-Evaporation feature?

In our opinion, there’s one feature on a portable air conditioner which is an absolute must. Even if you have to pay a more to get it. This is the auto-evaporation system. And, all of the Haier portable air conditioners include it.

The reason why we love this feature is simple. The auto-evaporation system saves you time and simplifies your life. In almost all environments, the Haier HPN14XCM portable air conditioner will vent all the water collected from your space to the outside through the exhaust hose.

Why is the Auto-Evaporation System Important?

Without the auto-evaporation system, the water would be collected inside the unit. Consequently, you would be required to periodically drain the tank so that the AC will continue running. We’ve done this chore before. It this takes a lot of time and is prone to water spills. The auto-evaporation system can eliminate most, if not all, of this work. Therefore, it saves you bother the time and aggravation of having to so this task manually.

Please beware that you may encounter conditions which cause the tank to fill up even with this feature. And these are if you encounter a period of high humidity or live in an area which is naturally prone to higher humidity levels.

In both cases, the dehumidifier may out-pace the auto-evaporation feature causing the tank to fill up. Even if you encounter either of these conditions, this feature will still reduce and possibly eliminate the need to empty the tank.

Haier HPN14XCM 14,000 BTU Fan-only Mode

The Haier HPN14XCM supports 3 different fan speeds which is standard for most portable air conditioners. This is not typically something we worry about. But some units reviewed only support 2 speeds. Therefore, this is something you should be aware before making a purchase.

Is the Haier HPN14XCM 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Noisy?

Many portable air conditioners are noisy making it difficult to hold a normal conversation (60 dBA) or sleep. If you need to raise your voice to hold a conversation with the AC running you will quickly become dissatisfied.

In comparison, the Haier HPN14XCM has a max rating of 50.2 dBA. This is really good since it’s about as quiet as you can expect from a portable air conditioner. Consequently, this model should be placed at the top of your list, especially if you’re a light sleeper.

Does the Haier HPN14XCM come with a Filter?

The Haier HPN14CXM comes with a washable mesh filter which can be found on the back of the unit. And is good for removing the larger dust particles or animal hair.

One disappointment is the filter is not HEPA rated so if suffer from allergies, it won’t help removing finer particles or pollen.

Haier recommends you clean the filter once a week while the unit is in use. Fortunately, the filter has easy access for quickly removing and re-installing.

As the filter captures dust and other particles, the air flow through the unit will be reduced and therefore, this will reduce performance. And this will ultimately reduce the efficiency of the AC and will cost you more money to run. Therefore, this easy chore is one which you shouldn’t forget to do.

Haier HPN14XCM 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner – Product Specifications

Does the Haier HPN14XCM 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner use a Dual-Hose design?

This Haier HPN14XCM is a dual-hose portable air conditioner.

Can I install this AC without help?

Typical portable air conditioner installations are easy and the Haier HPN14XCM falls under this category. To perform the installation, all you’ll need is a screwdriver to secure the window kit inside the window opening.

If you’re not handy or if you’re not comfortable wielding any tools then any of your family or friends can easily help out.

Also, if you have any trouble at all, Haier provides a number of helpful installation videos such as this one you can view here:

Haier Portable Air Conditioner Installation Video


  • Prevent obstructions such as curtains from blocking the air flow, vent or filter.
  • Reduce vibration and noise by placing the unit on a level spot.
  • If your Haier portable air conditioner was laying on its side, the company recommends to stand up the unit for a full 24 hours before turning it on. This will prevent damage by allowing all fluids to settle inside.

Window Kit

The window kit which ships with HPN14CXN can fit openings from 20 inches up to 46 inches. Just note, that your window must be able to slide open a minimum of 5 inches, either horizontally or vertically.

Unfortunately, we can’t find any information about an extension kit in cases where the window is wider than 46 inches. Therefore, we don’t recommend the HPN14CXM AC if you need to vent out through sliding glass doors.

Vent Hoses

The intake and exhaust hoses are an accordion style hose. This allows you to adjust the fit perfectly without crimping them up to a maximum of 5 feet. If either of the hoses does crimp, the air flow will be restricted and the AC will not function properly.

What’s nice about the length of these hoses is that they are longer than hoses provided by other portable air conditioners manufacturers.

This as an often overlooked feature since longer hoses provide flexibility to where you can install the AC. Additionally, this simplifies the installation. Therefore, we consider this is a nice addition by Haier.

Power Cord

Another nice addition by Haier on the HPN14XCM is the length of the power cord which is 6 feet. This is double the length found on the Honeywell models we reviewed.

As with the exhaust and intake hoses, we consider this an extremely important feature. A longer cord just gives you more options as to where you can install the unit. Therefore, put this in the plus column for the Haier portable air conditioners.

Casters and Handles

The Haier HPN14XCM comes with handles and castor wheels. The casters glide easily on the floor so you won’t hurt your back. And, the handles allow you so securely move the air conditioner when needed

Is Haier HPN14XCM 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner easy to use?

Best 14000 btu air conditioner

Between the LED display and the remote control, you’ll be up and running the HPN14XCM in no time.

The LED control panel is extremely intuitive. So anyone will be able to use these controls without reading through a ton of pages of documentation. Although, we do recommend reviewing the manual at some point. Through the display, you can turn the AC on and off, control the temperature, the fan speed, as well as the timer.

On the rear occasion when you need to empty the water tank in the HPN14XCM, the LED display has an indicator light to tell alert you. This is important since the AC will stop cooling when the tank is full. This is a standard safety feature on all portable ACs which consequently, prevents water from overflowing onto your floor.

Does this unit need routine maintenance?

Cleaning the Filter

You will need to clean the filter once per week as discussed above. But since the access to the filter is extremely convenient, this task should not take more than a couple minutes.

Cleaning requires either vacuuming the filter or rinsing it with water. Ensure the AC is turned off before starting.

If you use water to clean the filter, Haier recommends that you remove excess water before installing it. We recommend, as do many manufacturers, to completelydry the filter before re-installing it. This will prevent water from needlessly being drawn into the unit.

Draining the water

If you encounter long periods of high humidity, the water tank on the Haier HPN14XCM could become full. If this occurs, the unit will shut off. Therefore, you’ll need to drain the water to get the unit cooling again.

Although this should be an infrequent occurrence, it’s nice that performing this task is fairly easy. For this task, you’ll need place a shallow pan underneath the drain and then remove the drain plug. Just ensure the plug is put back in place securely after you’re done. This will prevent water leaking when the AC is running again.

Is the Haier HPN14XCM 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Environmentally-Friendly?

The HPN14XCM is very environmentally-friendly since Haier uses the R410-A refrigerant. Therefore, you’ll be able to sleep well knowing you’re not harming the planet.


When it’s hazy, hot and humid outside, the timer feature seems pretty useless. But we consider this feature as a great, environmental-friendly item. The timer gives you the ability to run the air conditioner only when it’s needed most – when you’re home. If you’re away at work, the timer allows you to set the air conditioner to turn on before you arrive home.

When the air conditioner is not running, you save on electricity. And less electricity means less stress on the power plant. This leads to a smaller carbon footprint, and, therefore, helps the environment!


What else should I consider when purchasing a portable air conditioner?

Purchasing a portable air conditioner is a major investment so we like you to understand the two major mistakes people make.

Onemistake is buying a portable air conditioner which is too large for your space. When the AC is too large, the unit won’t be able to remove the proper amount of moisture. Therefore, you will end up feeling cool but clammy.

The other mistake people make is settling for a unit which is too small. If the air conditioner is too small, the levels of dryness and/or temperature you expect will never be reached. Consequently, you may save yourself money by purchasing a smaller unit, but you will probably be disappointed with the results.

The Haier HPN14XCM portable air conditioner is rated for rooms between 550-700 square feet. If your room or space is either larger or smaller than this size, you will need to review air conditioners better rated for your space.

Haier HPN14XCM Warranty Information

The Haier HPN14XCM portable air conditioner warranty is pretty standard. It provides you 12 months for both parts and labor for personal use.

If you plan on using this AC for commercial reasons and/or to rent, the warranty drops to 90 days. If these terms concern you, you can always consider purchasing the extended warranty.

Color Options

The Haier HPN14XCM is only offered in a single color style – the black and silver you see above.



  • Very quiet
  • Awesome dehumidifying functionality
  • Lengthy power cord and exhaust hose
  • Simply installation
  • Helpful documentation


  • Window kit cannot extend to fit sliding glass doors
  • No HEPA filter
  • Average warranty
  • Single color option

The pros and cons for the Haier HPN14XCM portable air conditioner is basically the same as the other Haier models we’ve reviewed.

14000 Btu Wall Air Conditioner

On the plus side, this Haier dual-hose, portable air conditioner provides great value for the prices we found online. At the top of the list of features we loved is how quiet this model runs (50.2 dBA). In addition, you’ll love the dehumidifying capacity and lengthy vent hoses and power cord. Also, user reviews are overwhelmingly positive for this model.

If you don’t need to install the portable air conditioner in sliding glass doors, then the negatives for this model are pretty limited. A HEPA filter would have been a great addition. But, on the other hand, this would have increased the cost of the unit as well as added a recurring cost for new filters. Also, the warranty is not the best we’ve seen.

Overall, the Haier HPN14XCM provides great value for your cooling needs.















Commercial Cool 14000 Btu Manual