Channel Plus Xl Model H37 User Manual

Posted : admin On 10/6/2021
Channel plus xl model h37 manual

ChannelPlus XL - Electronic Programmers

Second generation programmers that offer up to 4 independent channels and feature improved display and easier programming.

  • Unique 4 channel programming
  • Single, Two, Three and Four channel versions
  • Large, easy to follow LCD displays, give clear programme information
  • Up to 3 ON/OFF periods per channel in each 24 hour operation
  • 7 day models hold different settings for each day of the week
  • Programmable Holiday setting can be set in advance of departure for any period of time.
  • Mains powered with battery back up
  • The single, two and four channel versions are voltage free as standard, a Volt free Three channel is also available and uses the same backplate as Horstmann’s 425 and 5 Series programmers and can plug in as a direct replacement on most models
  • Uses the same backplate as the 425 and 5 series programmers
Model£ inc VAT
ChannelPlus H47XL 140.83
ChannelPlus H37VXL
ChannelPlus H37XL 97.40
ChannelPlus H27XL 56.27
ChannelPlus H27ZXL 62.19
ChannelPlus H21XL 53.68
ChannelPlus H17XL 48.60
ChannelPlus H11XL 44.42
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ChannelPlus H47XL
ChannelPlus H37VXL
ChannelPlus H37XL
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ChannelPlus H17XL
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Channel Plus Xl Model H37 Manual


BATTERY The programmer is fitted with a non-rechargeable, long life battery, which will maintain the. This programmer is NOT user serviceable. Please do not dismantle the unit. The ChannelPlus XL range comes with a 5 year guarantee from the date of manufacture. This date is located on the rear of the unit, indicated by a month over a. ChannelPlus H17 XL Central Heating Programmer - 1 Channel 7 Day 013 CHANNELPLUS H17. Height: - 101mm Depth: - 33mm. Description Horstmann H17XL Channel Plus Programmer Series 2. Horstmann Wiring Guide App for iPhone & Ipad. Single channel timeswitch with full 7 day programming. ChannelPlus H17 XL Central Heating Programmer - 1.